Everywhere I turn, there lies a sponsored Right To Rise Jeb Bush ad haunting me, and millions of American’s who have no intention of voting for Jeb or learning about “The Jeb Story”

The absolute best part about these never ending sponsored ads are the comment sections. Take a look:

And when he’s not clogging up your news feed, you best believe Jeb and his plan are right there on your sidebar:

Next, to the LEAST effective platform for Right To Rise to gain support – Instagram. Jeb is destined to find zero supporters on Instagram. The only bigger waste of donor money possible would be literally flushing it down the toilet.

WHOSE idea was this?

Again, the comments couldn’t reflect more of how America feels about Jeb.

Just when you thought you could escape “The Jeb Story”, Jeb manages to find his way into the trap music section of the mixtape website Sprinrilla. Phenomenal targeting, Right To Rise.

Clearly, things aren’t exactly panning out the way Jeb and his establishment base over at the Right To Rise super PAC thought they would this election season. Here are the latest Republican presidential poll numbers from RealClearPolitics showing Jeb barely scraping 3% support:

It’s unclear how much longer Jeb Bush and the eight other candidates who don’t have a shot will remain in the race for the Republican nomination, but the top three contenders are undoubtably Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio.