If you haven’t seen it already, SNL did a hilarious skit this weekend regarding the immigration controversy. Here it is below:



The skit roasted President Obama and his excessive immigration actions. As you would expect, the political left wasn’t laughing. But what I wasn’t expecting was their all out tantrum.

ThinkProgress, and the Washington Post actually went through the effort of fact checking, and attempting to debunk the skit. Many people on Twitter lost their minds, upset that SNL dare target Obama for his unconstitutional actions.


The left isn’t used to being mocked in entertainment. Nearly every single entertainment outlet, in music, on TV, in movies, and more, have a left wing bias. Pretty much everyone in the media votes Democratic, and most of them were supporters of the President. That’s why the right is so happy about this skit. It isn’t because it is the best skit ever done on SNL, it’s because it is much more rare for conservative perspectives to be represented in entertainment.


Anyway, enjoy the tears:



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