This article is directed at kids who care about whether they will get a job or not upon graduation, as well as what their incomes will be in the future. If that does not matter to you, then go ahead and ignore what is below.

College kids hear a lot about the struggle to find a job after graduation. Recent graduates are unemployed at a rate of 8.5%, higher than the national average. However, if you are worried that this could be you, you should understand that graduates of certain majors are more likely to be in that predicament than others.

According to Georgetown University, engineers have an unemployment rate of 5%, the sciences broadly are at 4.8%, and mathematics is at 5.9%.Finance is at 5.9% as well, according to Certain majors that underperform in employment include architecture, information systems (as software may be replacing jobs), and softer fields, like psychology, political science, and anthropology.

Income varies widely as well. A report, linked here, listed average starting salaries and mid-career salaries for many different majors. Electrical engineering was highest, at $60,200 starting, and $102,00 mid-career. At the low end was $33,400 for social work, and mid-career it only hits $41,600.

If you care about your prospects for getting employed, you may want to consider switching out of that art and french poetry double-major. If that is your passion and livelihood doesn’t matter to you, then go ahead and do you.