Here are the top 5 Spring Break destinations of 2015 based on videos currently trending social media

What better time to ignore thousands of dollars in student loans, postpone life, and abuse the liver with the guys on a beautiful beach?

Beats me. 

5. South Beach, Miami 

– South Beach obviously gets a spot on the list despite it not being as hype as previous years. Not sure if the sky high drink prices turned people off, the overcrowded beach, or a combination of both. Anyway, it did look awesome.


4. Rosarito Beach, Mexico 

– Despite misleading news coverage labeling Rosarito as a “danger zone” for residents and visitors due to drug cartels claiming innocent victims in crossfire, Rosarito is still a hotspot filled with luxury resorts, first-class hotels, and AMAZING seafood (May I suggest the Baja lobster) 

 3. Fort Myers Beach

– This video was the sole reason Fort Myers topped South Beach on this list. Great filming, bros.

2. Panama City Beach

– PCB2K15 undoubtably had a big year. From the countless beach fights, to ratchet YouTube interviews, it seems like more college students flocked to PCB than anywhere else. Here’s one of several videos we found capturing some of the fun that went down this year, although we do suggest you watch the YouTube interview linked HERE as well.

1. Cancun, Mexico

– Cancun is the mecca of Spring Break and simply cannot be topped. From the waterfront restaurants, resorts, and clubs, to the unparalleled pool parties hosted by top DJs, it is no question why Cancun remains the #1 destination for the best week of your life. Here is one video from literally thousands that we feel gives viewers a taste of the Oasis atmosphere.

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