There are a lot of problems with “college” in 2015. Student loan debt is approaching $1.5T with no signs of slowing down, graduates are struggling to find work, and students have no plans on paying back those loans they signed off on.

Here are 8 Yik Yaks that perfectly explain the problem with higher education.

1. Using your refund check from that student loan you took out for liquor? Nothing screams degenerate quite like this

2. Yet you’re still in this class…

3. Paying an institution of “higher education” to drink cheap beer in their prison-like dorm rooms on every day of the week – awesome

4. Sounds like your professor can’t be bothered to assign more work because that requires time for grading

5. College is causing a mental illness?

6. Homework and studying does too

7. Sounds like your tuition dollars are going to great use

8. When you claim to be a college student but fail to come close to spelling “guaranteed” correctly