The following is what we feel were the 15 most controversial events from American college campuses in 2014. They aren’t ranked in any particular order, and there’s an important lesson to be learned in each one.


15. California State University System Derecognizes Christian Fellowship For Requiring That Leaders Be Christian

Campus Reform reports “California’s State University school system has “derecognized” the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) on discriminatory grounds for requiring that group leaders be Christian.”

14. Clemson Students Participate In Gang-Themed Party

You can read more about it here, but a fraternity was suspended. “Merry Cripmas to all.”

13. Condoleezza Rice Pressured Out Of Giving Commencement Speech at Rutgers

Students at Rutgers protested, and they got their wish. Why? They claim she is a war criminal, in part because of her connections to the Iraq War. But no one had an issue with Hillary Clinton, who supported and voted for the war herself, speaking at Rutgers in 2007

12. UMass Amherst Blarney Blowout 

This event put UMass on the map, and got the school a lot of negative attention.

11. Keene State Pumpkin Fest

Good old riots. Some comedy here as well.

10. UC Berkeley Students Upset at Israeli Flag, But Fine With ISIS Flag 

9. California Students Want Sex Ed For Kindergartners

The students involved in these demands were from UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, and San Diego State University.

8. Georgetown Student Felt He Deserved Mugging Because of His White Privilege

Yeah not much else can be said. Read about it here.

7. Harvard Student Pens Anti-Academic Freedom Piece In The Crimson

A Harvard student named Sandra Y.L. Korn wrote “If our university community opposes racism, sexism, and heterosexism, why should we put up with research that counters our goals simply in the name of “academic freedom”? Instead, I would like to propose a more rigorous standard: one of “academic justice.”” Yes, she wants to restrict the freedom and speech that comes with academic research to conform to her social justice vision. 


6. Law Schools Delay Finals For Student Upset With Current Events 

In response to the Ferguson and Eric Garner decisions this past year, some students were apparently too upset to take their finals on time, and got delays. Harvard, Georgetown, and Columbia law schools were on the list.

5. Freshman Girl At Mount Holyoke Was Attacked For Quoting A Protester

An event organizer for a Ferguson inspired walkout among the Five Colleges was quoted by a Mount Holyoke student reporter as saying “white folks” should keep their hands down. There’s a screenshot to prove it, as the organizer posted the message on social media. However, Yvonne, the author of the piece was attacked and threatened for writing it. Among the insults hurled her way, “close minded” and “transphobic.”…..?

4. A Brandeis Student Was Threatened with Expulsion/Suspension For Making Accurate Quotations 

Noticing a pattern? After the killing of two innocent NYPD officers in December, a student at Brandeis named Khadijah Lynch took to Twitter to voice her outrage….. but not in the direction you would think. She stated ““i have no sympathy for the nypd officers who were murdered today”, among other comments. A fellow Brandeis student named Daniel Mael reported on the matter, since Lynch was an important figure on campus. After the story gained exposure, an email with the subject line “VERY IMPORTANT: Holding Daniel Mael accountable, and other threats to student safety!” was sent out. Members of the Brandeis community felt Mael was a threat to student safety… for quoting someone. Read more here

3. Alleged Member of SJP at Temple University Punches Jewish Student In The Face

A Jewish student at Temple University was assaulted by an “acquaintance” (their words) of Students for Justice in Palestine, the antisemitic hate group behind the BDS movement on campuses. After being punched in the face, the student was called a “kike” and “baby killer”. 

2. University of Michigan Student Forced to Resign From Student Paper For Satire

A conservative student at the University of Michigan wrote a piece of satire mocking excessive political correctness. The piece ‘threatened’ people who disagreed with it (even though its rhetoric was the furthest thing from violent). Because of the weaklings who didn’t like what he had to say, he was pressured into resigning. 

1. The UVA Rape Scandal That Wasn’t

Rolling Stone Magazine reported on a rape that happened at a specific frat at the University of Virginia. Following public shaming and vandalism, the frat was later vindicated by Rolling Stone retracting the story.  For more on this, particularly the false 1 in 5 rape statistic that constantly gets thrown around, please read this.

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