15. California Professors Instructed To Not Say ‘America Is The Land of Opportunity’

Where did those champions of academic freedom go? Read more.

14. Anti-Capitalist Professor at Columbia Makes Students Buy His Book

Read more.

13. ASU Gives Hillary Clinton $500k To Speak

Read more.

12. ‘Hate Crime’ Activists Suing South Carolina to Get In-State Tuition For Children of Illegal Immigrants¬†

Read more.

11. Indian Governor Bobby Jindal Doesn’t Have Much Indian Left In Him, according to Professor at University of Louisiana

Read more.

10. Mizzou Bans Women at Frats on Weekends

Read more.

9. Rutger’s Professor – No Good White People, Only Less Bad White People

Read more.

8. University of Wisconsin Creates RIDICULOUS List of Micro-Aggregations

“America is a melting pot” included. WTF? Read more.

7. USC Republicans Accused of Creating “Unsafe Space” With Private Facebook Conversations

Read more.

6. Extremely Anti-Israel Professor To Teach A Class on Zionism

He doesn’t even hold a degree in a related field. So why?

5. Professor Thinks Anyone Who Asks For Proof of Rape Culture Isn’t Really Human

Read more.

4. University of Michigan Professor Blames Right Wing “Jews” For Charleston Shooting

Yup. Read more.

3. University of Memphis Professor Says Being White is a Form of Terror

This is one SoCawlege helped to break. It got national headlines, but you should check it out here. 

2. University of Maryland Feminist Professor Calls For “Men Control”

Read more.

1. Rachel Dolezal

This one needs no explanation. If you haven’t heard about it yet you have been living under a rock. Here’s a good summary of Dolezal’s antics if you’re interested.

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