Here are the top 10 campus controversies of March 2015.

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Journalism student at Ohio University says women can’t be sexist

“Women cannot be sexist; the same way people of color cannot be racist”…“Women can be prejudiced against men. But just as #notallmen are sexist, not all women are anti-man”…“There are many different discourses of feminism, and the majority believe in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”

I never understood what a journalism major does. Anyone can be a journalist by reporting on events, just like this list. All you need is some researching skills, communication ability, and a sense of honesty (unless you are an open opinion journalist, which is totally fine). None of this is something you need a degree for.

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There are “too many babies”

A short rant in a student paper at Eastern Michigan University mocked parenthood, and effectively encouraged others to not have kids.

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Professor claims whites suffer from “fragility”

This is a professor at Westfield State University. Unsurprisingly, she teaches “multiculturalism”, a nonsense field. 

Read about it here.


Privilege shaming bulletin board

At Appalachian State University, a bulletin board shamed students who have all kinds of different “privileges.” Such as being “cis-gender” (good lord), white, male, heterosexual, etc…

Read/see a pic here.


Bard college students want forced social justice training

It’s all just code for a certain world view. “Social justice” is by definition purely subjective. It has no place being forced on every student, regardless of major, anywhere.

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Eating meat is “speciesism”

According to a Texas State University senior at least. 

“When a human is murdered in his or her sleep, no one refers to it as a humane death”….“This disconnect between the two situations is speciesism”….“It is not even putting a human life ahead of an animal life. It is putting a human appetite ahead of the life of another sentient being. Choosing to eat meat outside of a life and death situation means the craving for a hamburger is more important than the entire life of the cow being eaten.”

“Like humans, farm animals are self-aware, sentient beings. They are capable of experiencing pleasure and try to avoid pain and death. Though humans may be more powerful, we owe non-human animals moral consideration and should not needlessly inflict suffering.”

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Professor attacks GOP in email over policy disagreement

Yeah, you might be thinking “what else is new?” This one is particularly childish though. It happened at the University of Houston.

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Christopher Columbus the criminal

At the University of Michigan-Flint, a professor labeled Christopher Columbus a criminal. Why? Because of his “colonial enterprise.”

Here’s a question for the politically correct crowd that wants to attack every historical figure they disagree with: Where do you stop? George Washington owned slaves, FDR interned Japanese-Americans, and there are millions more examples. 

Yes, EVERYBODY does things wrong in their life. Some things very wrong, given historical context vs modern day values. Columbus is recognized because he had a pivotal role in world history. He helped get the European powers interested in the Americas, even if he didn’t “discover” them. That was world changing, making him a key figure. 

Judging history by modern standards would make us hate most of the people who came before us. Very childish to say the least.

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Students opposing mandatory training viciously attacked

At George Washington University, the Young America’s Foundation chapter was attacked for not wanting to be part of mandatory LGBT sensitivity training on religious grounds. Attacks included “bigot”, “hate group”, and “cancer.”

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UC Irvine flag controversy

UC Irvine students determined that flags, including the American flag, should not be allowed in an “inclusive space.”  The student legislation said the American flag can represent “American exceptionalism and superiority”……… NO SHIT! Flags are nationalistic? Golly UC Irvine what a discovery! Maybe that evil United States should cut you and your students off from its taxpayer support. You know, to save you from a conflict of interest. 

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