People who hold hostile or mean spirited views have every right to retain those beliefs. This is America after all. But, others have a right to call those people out, and report on their disturbing comments. Otherwise, hate just festers in our communities and slowly takes our civilization down.

Kumars Salehi is a graduate student at the University of California Berkeley. He is a participant in campus politics, an open and strong leftist, and someone who appears to be very active in Students For Justice in Palestine causes. In addition, he seems to have a strong hostility towards white people (and, as it goes without saying, Israel).

If you go to his Twitter page, you will see this first hand. Here is what we are talking about:

white cry river






bed bugs white
















malcom white


This last one is great. Quoting Malcolm X, he says that all whites, by their nature, think/feel the same. Some “liberals” just lie about their feelings…. This is totally not a racist belief at all amirite? It’s not like he is suggesting there is something inherently different about whites generally, that make them all the same…. hahaha.

Of course, if a white student did the same thing Kumars has done, from tweeting stereotypes of a race, to quoting a racist, to saying he better calm down before he admits his racism to someone, to using a race as a derogatory term, Berkeley’s Campus would implode.

His timelines has many many more mentions of the word “white,” from mentions of white tears to Hollywood actors, etc…. it’s actually an obsession from our view. Perhaps Kumars should turn it down a bit. Maybe just a little?

At least he is okay with us calling out his bigotry:

call out culture


call out


You got it Kumars! No conflict avoidance here. Now, we can’t wait to see the Berkeley campus left defend you and your statements. Young, upper middle class, entitled leftists set the bar for conscious and unconscious hypocrisy. 




  • retona4

    Somebody’s a bigot.

  • avoid teh groids


  • Voice_of_Reason

    Kumar Salehi is a graduate student in German literature. This is one confused dude – he hates whitey, but is studyng the whitey-est subject imaginable.

  • RB

    Why not spew his rhetoric in say,…a South Georgia honky tonk ?Don’t hide behind the cozy confines of Berkeley, with a smart phone and student visa as his weapons of choice , and think you’re some kind of social justice hero.

  • RS

    Sense he is OK with it I am calling him out. Silly racist. There is indeed a difference between white liberals and conservative whites. The liberals want us to shut up. We want them to keep talking. Nothing better illustrates ignorance better than an ignoramus.

    • legday

      Nothing illustrates ignorance better than your use of the word “sense” in place of “since.” I’m assuming you didn’t intend it to be funny though.

  • Mihai Baltac

    silly offendable people.

  • Art16

    This is what happens when a malcontent loudmouth has an audience. If he likes Iran so much, let him go live there. His thoughts seem to have no foundation in logic, fact, or anything other than his imagination. Let him tweet with the rest of the birdies on twitter, the cyberspace birdbath.

  • texguy46

    Sounds like a typical “foreign exchange student” with rich parents. WhIle on the other hand he spouts like the typical sand knee grow.

  • Michael Halding

    He can walk up to me and say he’s racist agaisnt me then he would get knocked the fuck out. Nice eye-brows btw. If I were him I would probably hate everyone too.

    • legday

      I bet you would hit him right in the face with your massive dick, Michael. Wham him right in the face with your dick.

      • Michael Halding

        Nah, I would be afraid of something living in those eyebrows that would hitch a ride. Plus, I wouldn’t want to do that much damage to him, nor give him a permanent complex of his manhood.

  • Anthony

    How convenient that the author left their name out. Coward. They sound like a white, little cry baby :-(( Reverse racism doesn’t exist btw. This article itself is racist and is a humiliating attack on Salehi in my opinion. Way to be an asshole, you did it!

  • pissmonger

    the guy is a moron, why waste time on him?with the reputation he built what kind of job do you think he can get?

    And what the fuck does he use to east his cake? Chopsticks?

    • sam adams

      the 1 where he sits on the couch Obama mails him the cheques

    • bob is a moron

      He can get a cush job with the democrat party or a left-wing interest group. He is an ideal fit for CAIR. I am sure there are many good jobs he could get.

    • Jonny Vegas

      Exactly with the cake thing! How do they eat cake in Iran? Is there even cake in Iran or just sadness all day?

      • BraveNewWhirled

        There is only sadness all day. It is the whitey fault.

  • freespeechlover

    Whoever wrote this has a lot of free time of his hands.

  • Bob

    Regardless of whether this disturbing or historicizing white privelege using hyperbole in true Twitter-fashion, why do you think UC-Berkeley is going to care about this? It’s his first amendment right to say whatever the hell he wants. And, he himself calls that list a list of stereotypes. Check out the site Not only is it clearly facetious, it’s super funny and eerily accurate.

    It’s almost history denial to try to put minority racial angst against “white people” (i.e. the colonist, the capitalist, the land lord) on the same moral footing as institutionalized racism against minorities.

    • ThisIsPalestine

      It’s not his First Amendment right to spread his bigotry on UC Berkeley’s campus. Let him say whatever the hell he wants in the public square.

      • Bob

        Twitter is the modern day public square.

        • ThisIsPalestine

          Berkeley is under no obligation to allow racists onto its campus.

          • Bob

            Actually, it is obligated to not consider Twitter in its admissions process because that would be using someone’s speech to make decisions about their matriculation eligibility, which is illegal and antithetical to the entire principle of free speech.

          • ThisIsPalestine

            Of course it’s allowed to consider Twitter in its admissions process or if they allow a student to remain on campus. Free speech only protects you from government prosecution. Not from a university not wanting your racist ass on its campus.

          • Bob

            I am afraid you are incorrect.

          • ThisIsPalestine

            I am afraid you are incorrect, and if this Twitter rant was about black people or Muslims, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

          • Bob

            OU broke the law. Hate speech, as horrible as it may sound, is protected by the first amendment. There will be a whopping law suit in the works, no doubt.


            While I staunchly disagree, as you do, with the content of this speech, our opinions are redundant vis-a-vis its constitutionality. And thankfully, citizens can’t change the constitution.

          • ThisIsPalestine

            Again, the First Amendment only protects you from GOVERNMENT prosecution for your hate speech. You can fired from your job for being racist, and you can expelled from your university. Berkeley has a code of conduct, and if you violate it, you can be suspended or dismissed from the school.

          • Bob

            Do you understand that UC-Berkeley and University of Oklahoma are both public, governmental institutions?

            Also, there are some good resources here that explore the constitutionality of the Oklahoma situation.

            One important note: first amendment law is continually being contested, challenged, manipulated, and is evolving as a result.

          • ThisIsPalestine

            They are publicly funded. That’s not the same thing as the government arresting you for what you say. Did you read Berkeley’s code of conduct? Plenty of legal things on there that if you do them will get you kicked out of Berkeley.

          • Bob

            Plenty of things, sure, not including what you say on Twitter.

          • bob is a moron

            There doesn’t have to be a specific twitter policy. If the policy mentions “speech” or “communications” or any other number of broad categories, it could include twitter. Are you really this dumb bob? Answer – yes you are.

          • Bob

            I may be dumb but you are misunderstanding the first amendment.

    • freespeechlover


    • bob is a moron

      We get it. Some racism is okay but other racism is not. It would be much quicker if you just said “some white people in the past did bad things and that makes racism against other white people today okay.”

      Let go of the hate “bob”.

    • Kelly Jackson

      Let go of your white guilt Bob, if he did this back in Iran he’d be black bagged and never seen again.