Sut Jhally is a well-known communication professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Recently, SoCawlege was informed of his troubling Twitter account, which was last active in January of this year.

His timeline is full tweets which show a scary pattern of radical ideology, historical revisionism, and mud-slinging. Examples follow:





Important note: Both of these tweets link to articles (here and here) that don’t mentioned the phrases/terms Jhally decided to use. Calling the GOP terrorists, and the conservative members of the Supreme Court “frat-boy fascists” are his own editorializing. Given that he views Republicans as terrorists, and “frat boy” as a derogatory insult, perhaps it is safe to assume that he holds grudges against students who fall into one or both of those two categories. Anyone who does fall in these categories should steer clear of his classes.

But you know what’s funny about him calling Republicans terrorists?

He doesn’t want to call terrorists terrorists:


Professor Jhally linked to a Glenn Greenwald piece on the Islamic beheading of a British soldier in the U.K. The piece argues that the act shouldn’t be called terrorism, mostly for a categorical/semantic reason. A major U.S. party, roughly supported by half the U.S. voting population = terrorists. Islamic beheadings in the name of jihad – nope.  

It gets worse:

second amend

tea party


right to exist




Yeah, this last tweet links to an article that supports heckling people. Not too surprising that he supports the methods used to systematically silence right wing voices on college campuses. Heckling speakers that poor little students disagree with is the norm at universities.




Look at that! A communication professor supporting a dictator who repressed independent press and built up a state propaganda machine. 

From the Committee to Protect Journalists:

“It seemed like a routine story. In March, José Gregorio Briceño, governor of Venezuela’s southern state of Monagas, appeared on national television and complained that federal officials were not addressing claims of contaminated water in his state. An oil pipeline managed by the state-run oil company PDVSA had recently burst in the Guarapiche River, which runs through Monagas. News accounts followed with testimonies from independent experts and families with ill children.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Frías vowed to act—not to investigate potential water contamination, but to counter the “media terrorism” threatening the country. Federal officials complained of political manipulation and a media conspiracy in an election year; Chávez is up for a third six-year term in October. Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz announced a new federal injunction requiring journalists to base reports on water quality on a “truthful technical report backed by a competent institution.” Otherwise, journalists risked “destabilizing” public order, and could incur fines or jail time.



Your tax dollars at work at UMass folks! Thank God for tenure huh? Sut Jhally can get paid about six figures (as of 2007) to indoctrinate his students. With your money no less!


  • Janice From Amherst

    Sut Jhally has used his foundation and connections to benefit humanity or in reality, Sut Jhally has used his foundation to benefit himself becoming very rich in the process.

    Did he skirt the law? It’s probably a gray zone but worthy of an investigation which will never happen. Calling the IRS and the AG. Here’s the story:

  • MeReagan

    Yes he says crazy things on twitter, you can always ignore him and saida grundy.

  • Sandy Ratigan

    born in Kenya – figures – must be the koolaid he was raised on

  • Art16

    They cannot express any opinion in any cogent fashion other than to engage in adolescent name calling and finger pointing. They have no substance as individuals, and therefore exist in a fantasy world of their own creation. There is also no requirement for logic, honesty, rational thought, and real knowledge in the world of advanced degrees. Just because someone has an academic position does not make him or her a paragon of veracity. Some actually deceive people to frighten them to make money. “More research is needed” is the giveaway. In this case, who knows what motive lurks in the cosmic bird bath of twitter?

  • jeff

    Where do colleges get these people? They cannot express a majority opinion so how do they get away with it?

    • Art16

      This one just fabricates it along the way. He must be getting paid by the White House to act out his demented fantasies.

  • Ryan Hepworth

    This joke of a professor sure speaks with a terrorist’s tongue! He needs to focus on teaching and keep his hate speech to himself.