Here we go again. Last week, SoCawlege did a story on a radical feminist professor from Toronto. Recently however, we were also tipped off to a troubling Women Studies professor from the University of Maryland.

Ashwini Tambe is not nearly as active on Twitter as other academics we have covered. She only has 252 tweets, making it easy to go through the entire timeline on her page. But in those tweets from the past couple of years, she has made numerous outrageous claims, as well as statements that show ignorance of basic economic principals and current events. 

This is the type of person who teaches university students nowadays. It’s where your tax dollars go.

“Men Control” 

men control

Yes, it is in fact men who do most of the killing. Of course though, it’s a small percentage of men even still. “Men control” seems like a rather broad solution no? 

Here’s the thing – male/female isn’t the only demographic breakdown we see crime disparities in. Income, age, geography and most controversial of all, race, are other areas. Would it be appropriate for an academic to say we need black-control? Nope. That would be horribly racist – to lump everyone into one category for the wrongdoings of a few. Yet she has no problem doing it here.

Rolling Stone



Maybe they believed it because they were over-zealous ideologues who wanted to push a story fitting their agenda onto the country? Nah, can’t be. Poor Rolling Stone editors, it just sounded so real!

Bombing Limbaugh – no support for him!


For those who don’t know, Je Suis Pas Charlie means “I am not Charlie.” 

Personally, I’d be more uneasy about the bombing part than any support he would get, but hey, to each her own!

The commies won!


This was tweeted after the the extreme leftists won big in the Greek elections this year. It’s been a disaster over there since, but cool to see she’s that far out there politically.

Seattle minimum wage



They haven’t been paying $15 an hour…. if you paid attention to the story, you would know the minimum wage is being gradually implemented over many years in Seattle. In April it rose to only $11/hour.  

Is she spreading this crap to her students? “Oh don’t worry everyone, $15 mandates aren’t changing anything in Seattle”, all while it’s a different picture entirely? No one expects women’s studies professor to put a premium on factual accuracy, but still. 



Efficiency? Better technology? I don’t know, but why does everything need to be the result of “cost cutting” with the left? Economics is not a zero sum game. Real prices can fall in the long run. 

Women Studies in High School

hs womens studies

More on Ashwini, via the UMD website:

“Dr. Ashwini Tambe is Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s Studies. She is also the Editorial Director of the journal Feminist Studies [], a premier venue for interdisciplinary feminist scholarship and creative expression. She has previously taught at the University of Toronto, Georgetown University and Temple University. Her interests include transnational feminist theory, modern South Asia, sexuality studies and global political economy. Her current work, supported by SSHRC and NEH grants, examines the legal paradoxes in age standards for sexual consent and the shifting definitions of girlhood. Dr. Tambe is also fascinated by the cosmopolitanism found in early women’s magazines in India, and is involved in analyzing and digitizing the archives of the Marathi magazine Stree.”

Ah, so she has been given additional grants from Canadian and American taxpayers to do this. Hey SSHRC and NEH, can we have our money back?


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  • Good grief…

  • retiredbobinFla.

    Just another loony liberal idiot! It’s time to take the education system back, and get rid of the liberal communist influence!

  • bigred0721

    Preaching “man control” on technology that men invented. Preaching communism on technology that capitalists invented. Someone just doesn’t get it…

  • KnxGuy MGY


    Time has come brothers.

  • Jack Strawb

    I encourage the men who deliver and maintain Dr. Tambe’s food supply, shelter, electricity, clean water, refrigeration, and etc., without which she might last a couple of weeks, to “control” themselves and let her learn who and what keeps the world turning.

    • NoMoreFalseGods

      I’ll answer you here Jack as they banned me. This site is everything it was advertised as, I have what I came for, please tell the moderator for so quickly provong my point. Canada is watching expect more bans for life.

  • Adam Sternberg

    People like this dimwit know nothing about geopolitics, economics, or even, for that matter, even possess even an ounce of knowledge on how a business operates, yet they are the first to give opinions on these things. This woman is a lifetime academic who has little to no knowledge of how the world works outside her little feminist bubble in academia. Most of her idiocy is just typical liberal nonsense but I frequently find the funniest things these people talk about is business, because it’s obvious that people such as her and Obama know so little on the topic. Take the McDonalds statement she made about the chicken sandwich.

    Restaurants, such as McDonalds, use certain menu items as a loss leader which is probably something of a foreign concept to a “Women Studies” professor (whatever that is). McDonalds takes a loss on that $1 chicken sandwich because they know that most people will order fries, or a soda, or a dessert, or other item to their meal, which is where a larger profit margin exists than that on the sale of the sandwich. Sadly, this simple business strategy is outside the realm of comprehension for these educated idiots.

  • Eric Lauder

    A women’s studies professor who wants take away human rights from men just due their sex?
    A women’s studies professor who thinks women are superior beings and men are evil?
    A women’s studies professor who thinks all men should be treated as crap?
    A women’s studies professor who hate men?
    *yawn* there’s nothing new here: women’s studies is just scientifical hatred of men.
    Women’s studies pioneers like Mary Daly and Sally Miller Gearhart even proposed reduction of men to 10% of humanity, through selective abortions and selective breeding.
    Ashwini Tambe is just the weaker and dumber version of them.

    • Jack Strawb

      Given that mothers acting alone are the primary abusers of children (see HHS’s “Child Maltreatment” report, any year), can we expect Tambe to propose mothers be placed under continual surveillance while with their children?

      • Eric Lauder

        No, we can’t: “women’s studies” teach that women are oppressed angels, always.
        Even domestic violence within a lesbian couple is taught to be due the patriarchy, in a women’s studies lesson.
        Everything bad there’s in the world, even bad actions of feminist women against other feminist women, is always due the patriarchy, according women’s studies.
        If tomorrow Tambe would kill a woman, it would be just only due the patriarchy.
        Even her horrible hair is due the patriarchy 🙂

  • Commonwealth10

    how is this not condemned universally

  • ThoughtCrimeinProgress

    I have to say, “professors” like this one prove that colleges and universities have become a scam in many ways. For example, “Women Studies”, as anything but a passing interest in the form of one motivational class, is worthless to women. It gives them no actual practical, meaningful way to achieve anything in their life, outside of prepping them for social activism. No wonder you’ll never find Women Studies teachers in any environment where they are actually required to produce something.

  • Mark Erickson

    What does she mean by “men control?” All women get to be tyrannical queens, and all men must be flunkies? If so, she can just go kill herself!

  • DukeLax

    Many guys are now just pushing for their basic due process rights back…..but it seems these women cannot understand such ……nonsense???

    • omegaman

      HUH??????????????????????????????? nEITHER CAN i

    • Commonwealth10

      women just feel threatened by it. Maybe one day men will have the right to vote without having to sign up to die.

  • Fraga123

    Time for feminist control! Right into the garbage!

  • BrianIopini

    Ahahaha!!! Radical feminists are so retarded they make people with down syndrome look smart…