We’ve been living in a crazy age for a while, but this is just truly unbelievable. As the College Fix recently reported:

The University of Denver is one step closer to unleashing a real Planet of the Apes.

Its law school recently created a professorship devoted to animal rights through a “generous gift” from the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF).

The professorship’s first recipient, the university’s own Justin Marceau, is not only an accomplished attorney, educated at Harvard and first in his class at Boston College.

He’s also trying to get two chimps released from a research facility on the legal theory that they have human rights.

“The ALDF Professorship is the first known position of its kind in the country,” the group said in a press release. “Once relegated to the ‘back seat’ of practice areas, animal rights law has recently experienced a tremendous surge of interest and commitment.”

Chimps have human rights?

Silly us, we were under the impression you had to be human to have human rights. Aren’t human rights rights for humans?

It’s likely that this is just about making work for lawyers. They’re very good at doing that. There’s no way that someone truly dedicates himself to such an absurd position because he passionately believes in it.

The Fix continues:

“The courses will range from a survey of animal law, to one that focuses exclusively on the overlap between US constitutional law and animal law,” Marceau said. He added that he’s teaching a specific practicum about “a variety of civil rights issues with particular focus on animal law.”

There is no overlap between constitutional rights and rights for animals. Period. The Bill of Rights is for humans. At what point will the meaning of the constitution stop being prevented by the progressive left?