Professor Zandria Robinson teaches sociology at the University of Memphis. Her Twitter handle, which is promoted using the University’s site (at the bottom of her profile linked above), is @zfelice.

Like other radical left wing professors we have uncovered, Robinson has a history of displaying her true social/political ideology on social media. 

As a bit of background, Campus Reform’s Peter Hasson uncovered much of her radical history almost a month ago in this piece here. Robinson made many controversial and problematic comments about white people, and those who dissented against her view points. However, what you are about to see all comes after the initial Campus Reform piece from June 5th. In other words, this Professor didn’t just have a few bad moments or slips of the tongue in the past. This is what she promotes out of habit, and without a doubt in the classroom as well. 

Keep in mind, the University of Memphis has decided to actively direct students to this Twitter feed by promoting it on their site:

 Being white = terror


Tweeted after Charleston shooting:

Whites are conditioned for mass murder


In response to Campus Reform’s piece on her

con boys
white cons

I see she handles criticism well….

Racial terror + paranoia rises?

working class

Well, the total number of hate crimes are lower (5,796 in 2012 vs. 8,759 in 1996) than they used to be, and that’s even with population growth. Just like all violence over the past two decades. Racial terror + paranoia have not been rising steadily since the 1970s. But I’m sure Zandria fact checks everything that she decides to say in class!… 

Heteropatriarchal what-uh-what?


We won’t defend the flag. It is a stupid flag, and it shouldn’t fly on government grounds anywhere in our opinion. But is it really a symbol of patriarchy, heterosexuality, and capitalism? No… the attitudes that existed towards those things, especially sexuality and gender roles, weren’t much different outside of the confederacy at the time the flag was used in battle. What nations didn’t/doesn’t have “patriarchy”? Nearly all flags would count as symbols of that, since virtually every culture and nation have had unequal gender statuses. 

I’m sure you aren’t….


Sociology professors these days. They’re radical and hateful. Much of their classes are nothing more than a seminary for far left group think. Taxpayer funded classes at that.  

Update: The University has made clear she no longer works there. They even deleted her bio on the site. Where/if she works elsewhere is still unknown. Will update with further information.  

Update 2: Multiple sources are reporting that she accepted a job at Rhodes College. We cannot independently confirm that at this time. 

  • rdlynn

    It is sad that Zandria is suffering from Whitephobia mental illness. Perhaps living in Kenya or South Africa would let her overcome her anxieties and recover.

  • Tommy Francis

    Every1 here shld know by now… WE’RE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS. Americans need to take back the country from these crooks in office. They dnt care about us… they only care about their own lives and how much money they cn fit in their pockets. When shtf… good luck people. But it’s something that will have to be done in order to protect our kids and our grand kids future or they won’t have much of a future.

  • Need_Ron_and_Maggie

    Only in the uber insulated, unaccountable, distorted land of Oz, known as “academia”, is this kind of speech allowed. If anyone were to debate this hot steaming pile they would be labeled, all together now……”RACIST”. I hope her precious offspring (is there a true father or a baby daddy?) enjoys her inner city, all black, public school education. This mental midget is most certainly against school vouchers, but screams bloody murder for more “tax dollars from the privileged rich” for failed, union controlled schools. The cowardly colleges keep passing these poisonous professors around like hot potatoes or old maid cards, much like the Catholic Church recycles pedophile priests. She has a lot in common with the disgraced Gang of 88 at Duke who railed against white privilege by calling for the heads of 46 white lacrosse players in the absolute absence of any evidence. True cowards, they have never recanted their comments or protest since the team was fully exonerated. My money has this hot steaming pile of identity politics as an esteemed professor at Duke someday.

  • halojumper

    Another black racist oh poor me the world so terrible with white people in’s an idea why don’t you move to chicago and hang out with your peeps, oh that’s right,I forgot blacks killing each other no story. I see her future, remember aunt Esther (sandford and son)

  • Balatonian

    This ‘professor’ is definitely not the type who builds bridges. Her inflammatory statements only enlarge the already-existing chasm between whites and blacks.

  • Michael Halding

    Memphis is one of the most racist cities in America—the racism, committed by the majority, is not white, but black. Blacks are by a 2010 census 2/1 the majority, but this is outdated information, it’s more like 3/1 at present. This is an example of how the Affirmative Action program needs to be redefined to benefit the minority within city limits, no matter what race that minority is.

    Whites are heavily discriminated agaisnt in Memphis and other cities such as Atlanta and Birmingham. They are rejected for jobs, bullied at work, spat on in the streets, and targeted for violet crime without a small peep from national media, but why? Because it’s not considered PC for whites to be victimized by whites? Hate is hate, suffering is suffering, and it is not limited to just a specific race. In a typical social structure the majority victimizes the minority, it’s not racism it is majorityism.

    This issue needs to brought to the attention of the American people and national press so debate can begin and the rules changed to protect all minorites no matter what race they are.

    • Seska Sierra

      Yes! I totally agree! It’s either fair for everyone or no one. This is America right? Affirmative Action should be for anyone who is a minority in their area per the population of that area. Right on. Why hasn’t this been brought up?

      • Michael Halding

        You know it’s a problem when political correctness, which is practiced to prevent discrimination, in actuality creates discrimination. Thank you for the up votes.

        • Seska Sierra

          This country is filled with hypocritical cowards afraid to do what’s right. It won’t last tho people are waking up.

          • veritas

            Donald Trump just might be on to something, no?

    • X Tura

      Justice for all, Freedom for everyone! Well said.

    • T-Tommy

      To be fair, black people spitting on whites in the street hasn’t exactly taken off yet in Atlanta.

    • veritas

      Please go to journalist Colin Flaherty’s (Time Magazine, etc.) YouTube channel and/or Facebook page … White Girl Bleed A Lot. He is single handedly changing the way the media coddles, condones, encourages, and more often than not, hides instances of black on white crime. He has written several excellent, fact-filled books on the subject. Anyone who calls him a racist because he is exposing the problem hasn’t actually looked at his work because there is NO denying what he shows. It’s actual video, after video, after video of whites being attacked for the world to see. It’s funny when some Leftist freak comes by spouting off about white supremact and Colin asks for video proof of the savage white devil ravaging the black community, the Lefty always disappears with its tail between its legs. You could watch for a week and not make it through the number of examples he has offered up as proof of whites being decimated by blacks. Prepare to be shocked. You knew it was bad, but I guarantee you didn’t know how bad.

    • Tommy Francis

      The news stations are afraid to report issues like this and or white on black crime bc like u said it’s not good for PC and more than likely they’d b sued or doors closed eventually… Just look at what they’re trying to do to Mr. Trump… trying 2 destroy his business in the hopes he’ll shut up 2 save it. Well luckily he has balls and cares more about the US than his own business. I’d say he’s a man that really cares. Would any1 else risk everything 4 sumthin u dnt truly believe in? No.

  • RH

    5 bucks says this “woman” has NEVER had a job in the private sector. I don’t know what filled her with such hate for the human race, but, I pray somehow God can enter her heart, and she can be forgiven.

  • joe

    reverse the race and imagine if a white person tweeted this and wow they would be ridiculed but she is a dumb black woman who only got her job because of affirmative action. I would say she should work instead at fast food but she isn’t even good enough for that. She should probably just be unemployed and on welfare like most black women.

    • JohnWilkesBooth

      Now THIS, is well said!!

    • veritas

      Has anyone seen the story about the 12 year old black gang member who was just arrested out of Omaha? Short Biography: The mother was arrested when he was a toddler for felony battery. Her 7, yes I said 7, children were all in foster care when she went to jail. Not put in foster care because of her arrest, already in foster care. Daddy is in prison for murder. 15 year old brother also arrested for taking part in the killing. This is one family. Multiply that by a million. Our children could have full scholarships to Ivy League colleges for the money we’d save if we didn’t have to support these wastes of good air.

  • Seska Sierra

    HOW can this obviously ignorant, and uneducated, woman earn a degree when there are non-minority children and adults with IQs over 130 who can’t afford college and end up working low class jobs!? Affirmative action has turned our world upside down to where the unintelligent are elevated while the intelligent sink!

  • Juno Ellis

    How could anyone attend Rhodes College knowing it employs and promotes such ugly racism.

  • Half_truth7s

    the university should give the students’ money back.

  • Andy Capp

    “whether *I* am a threat to white student”..see doesn’t even see it nor the effect she has on young minds. That makes her more of a threat than she thinks we are accusing her of. Sociology professors are just race agitators and baiters with a good grasp of the dictionary. There is no place for them except as useful idiots and cogs for the Obama regime.
    If Hillary gets in, America is kaput comrades!

  • Tommy Francis

    Stfu zandria u fukin dumbass. You’re the problem with America 100%. U nd the rest of the racist sons of bitches. What u dnt thnk ur teaching hate? R u fukin kidding me? You’re supposed 2 b a “professor” right? U need 2 learn a thng or 2. Nd all of those tht thnk ALL whites r racists ur dumb as fuk too. From where I’m sittin I see more hate coming from the African American community than the white community. U cnt blame ALL whites 4 a few white dumbass cops jus bc he’s white. Not all r like tht. In fact the majority doesn’t give 2 shits whether ur white black Hispanic or chinese. We jus wanna live in peace jus like u. Is tht too hard 2 understand? I cn break it down 4 whoever needs it broken down… it’s REAL simple.

  • Carol Tidwell

    I doubt a contract with Rhodes College will ever actually be signed.

    • ampatgrl

      i cannot agree yet…it is a private school and not under public influence. students should boycott her if she is hired and parents should pull their kids from the college if she is hired. tech school would be preferable over that.

      • Grossman

        Nah, I go to Rhodes and I might try to take a class with her at some point. I’ve only heard good things. I can’t imagine anyone with an idea of what our anthropology and sociology department is like would be particularly upset with the move. Nor, I think, would many people who considered that their knee-jerk interpretation of what she wrote might lack nuance.

        • Andy Capp

          The admins at Rhodes think is great having their very own Ward Churchill. Lets see how that works out for them in a few months.

        • JohnWilkesBooth

          Well, I see that there STILL, is no cure for stupidity!!

          • Grossman

            I mean, you named yourself after John Wilkes Booth and call people wet backs, so I feel like I maybe shouldn’t trust your judgement on racism.

          • JohnWilkesBooth

            So?……….I could care less if you trust my judgement, I don’t care what you think anyway, I’m just telling you what I believe, and if you can’t handle that, then I think that it’s you, who has the problem.

        • Need_Ron_and_Maggie

          This might sound great now to you on the demented left, but wait until your donors stop writing checks in protest.

      • Lee McCain MD

        My son goes to Rhodes. Hiring an openly racist professor for some sort of “alternate view” is absurd. I will pay his tuition for his last year but I dare them to call or write me for more money. I am done with them and no doubt my son will be when he graduates!

  • retiredbobinFla.

    I think it’s about time…….someone addresses these college indoctrination professors! It’s no wonder, the latest generations of college students (since the 60’s) are so anti American and so hateful!

    • Shane Biden

      Hey kidandplay nigger ur funny lol dumb nigger

      • Tommy Francis

        Lol I almost called her a dumb nigger… but I refrained. Bc “it’s considered racist” evn tho I’m not at all

    • JohnWilkesBooth

      You sure have that right, my friend.

  • WilliamRodham

    Hey a black klan member! Nice racist rant from an affirmative action dumb azz

  • A-Train

    Can we EVER get tax dollars out of education? At least at a federal level? This is ridiculous. A bunch of affirmative action BS.