Remember the good old days when it was those right wingers who you had to kick out of the bedroom? No more. The University of Minnesota has joined a conga line of other colleges and universities across America who are employing so-called “affirmative consent” standards for sexual activity.

Put simply, all sexual activities must be fully agreed to in a clear way by all parties involved. Sound reasonable? Well that’s not the ridiculous part. It’s often how people have to go about doing so that upsets the policy’s opponents.

Welcome to the wonderful world of sex contracts:



That’s right! In the moment? Well take a second to record yourself giving a full uncoerced testimonial, or fill out these legal forms before proceeding. Otherwise, one or both parties has the ability to claim rape. 

Robert Shibley from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), commented to the Duluth News Tribune“Once that accusation has been made, it’s somehow up to the accused person to prove they did have consent,…What that means is that they’re guilty until proven innocent.”

Now here’s what the other side of the issue had to say in the same Tribune article linked above:


The problem, Morano said, is that the burden in cases of alleged sexual assault has been on victims to prove they were victimized.

“The accuser is always the one who has to prove that it happened,” she said.

Joelle Stangler, student body president at the U, said that’s why students themselves have been demanding the change.

“Really, there’s been a lack of due process for victims forever,” she said. “We’re now shifting and rebalancing, where both parties need to be able to demonstrate there was consent.””

And here ladies and gentlemen is where Anglo-American law dies. Not at the hands of NAZIs (at least the German kind), or Communists (the Soviet kind, there are plenty of American ones on college campuses today), but at the hands of people like “Joelle Strangler”, a “student body president.”

Yes, those who are accused don’t have to provide evidence of their innocence. That’s called not having TO PROVE A NEGATIVE! It’s what our system of morals and laws are based on. 

It’s one thing for a private school to do this. They would have every right to suspend or expel a student for accused sexual assault. But state schools like the University of Minnesota should have no right. The government cannot go down this slippery slope. If you know or think you’ve been assaulted/raped, go to the real authorities – the police. Do not go to campus administration, because they will screw it up big!

For more, check out this article debunking the whole ‘1 in 5 women are assaulted at college’ statistic. 


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