University of Washington students have launched a “Check Your Privilege Party” scheduled to go down on Saturday, May 30th at 7:00pm. The description in the Facebook event says the following

” To the Rebels & Rejects of Society:

Greek Row has been a place where too many of us have been shut out of for too long. We have been told we are too fat, too dark skinned, not able-bodied and don’t fit the model.
The frats have repeatedly attacked us. Both physically and verbally, they have said black lives don’t matter, they have raped us and then called us sluts & liars, they have trashed trans people making fun of them at fashion shows, they have physically attacked black woman. They tell us it is not all- but it is too many. It is time they are held accountable for these actions.
On this night we will take over and claim space on Greek Row, we will give ourselves access to this space. On this night we will center black lives, queer lives and differently abled/ disabled lives, and we will check their privilege.

To make this space accessible as possible we ask that you are scent free”



Scent free? Alright that’s a new one.

The event itself was apparently posted around the internet on forums that oppose SJW nonsense. Some of the people who came to the page engaged in deplorable and despicable racist remarks –




SoCawlege wasn’t able to take screenshots of these posts ourselves because they were deleted, either by the posters or the event organizers. Therefore, we can’t attest to the validity of any of the captures being thrown around. They were taken and posted in the event by people involved with the event, not by us.

Regardless, it’s clear that this event is just another example of the radical fringes of society run amok. Check out some of these posts from the event page on the other extreme, which we did screenshot ourselves:




Evana Enabulele is going after Asians for assimilating into the culture, and calling blacks who date/befriend whites Uncle Toms…. Yeah nothing wrong with that.

Sarra Tekola also thinks that members of “marginalized” groups who belong to fraternities “don’t count.”

This dumb sell out culture is what hurts the discussion more than anything else. The people behind this event are attacking members of the groups they claim to be advocating for, for not acting, thinking, and associating the way they want them to. 

Truly disgusting.