Voter turnout in India is significantly higher than it is in the United States.

According to India’s Election Commission, of the 540 million Indian’s eligible to vote in their most recent 2014 election, 66.4% made it to the polls. In comparison, of the 126 million American’s eligible to vote in their most recent 2012 election, only 57.5% made it to the polls.

High voter turnout is often correlated with voters’ belief in the political process and a desire for change.

In light of the upcoming 2016 presidential election in the United States, we decided to give Indian names to American presidential candidates.

C’mon BuzzFeed India, you’re slacking.


“Lincoln Chafee”

Lanka Charan

“Lawrence Lessig”

Lavanya Lasyam

“Jim Webb”

Jammi Vallabha

“Martin O’Malley”

Maruti Omkar

“Bernie Sanders”

Bharani Sundar

“Hillary Clinton”

Hemlatha Kalanidhi



“Jeb Bush”

Jay Bose

 “Ben Carson”

Bhanu Karuna

“Chris Christie”

Krish Krishna

“Ted Cruz”

Tejas Krushna

“Lindsay Graham”

Lingodbhava Garudam

“John Kasich”

Janaghan Kasturi

“Marco Rubio”

Mukesh Robindranath

“Rick Santorum”

Rakesh Santharam

“Donald Trump”

Dhanesh Tirumala