Until another platform as revolutionary as Facebook emerges from Silicon Valley, Facebook is, and always will be, the king of social media. Here is what your Facebook profile says about you.


Despite its various privacy concerns, some people love Facebook, while others would prefer Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc. But whether you like Facebook or not, there is almost no question that you have one, and that you check it frequently to see what the people in your life are up to. One thing that is definitely true about Facebook is that some people are ALWAYS appearing on your news feed, whether you “like” their posts or not, while others may never appear at all. Whether you’re the one who posts daily, weekly, or never at all, your profile says a lot about you. Here’s what it says:


You need social validation if:

You’re constantly sharing the latest current events, controversial articles, and/or articles that have interesting titles that your peers are likely to click on. You don’t care much about the content surrounding the issues themselves, however you do care that people see your posts and enjoy them enough to “like” or “comment”


You have low self-confidence if:

You constantly seek outside approval by posting statuses of where you are, who you’re with, or what party/event you are at. By doing this you feel like you have a higher “self worth,” which indicates possible narcissistic personality traits, and superficial relationships with your peers.

You may also consistently upload closeup “selfies” of yourself, with the hopes that people will like YOU for YOU, and not because of anyone or anything else in the photo. All of your photos include you at parties, with dozens of other people around you, to justify to the public eye that you go out, and have fun while doing it.

 You’re shy if:

You scroll through Facebook, observing others posts, without actually posting/liking anything yourself. This also indicates that you are a sensitive individual, who is able to retain information seen online.


You’re bored if:

Your Facebook profile consists of hundreds of movies you saw, musicians you like, books you’ve read, etc etc. You take photos of your meals, add filters, and use hashtags to get more likes/comments. This can also indicate a passive personality with a need for validation from peers.

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