At the first Democratic presidential debate this past week, Lincoln Chafee, when asked why he voted yes in 1999 on Glass-Steagall, indirectly told Anderson Cooper (the moderator) that he had no idea what he was voting on. You can see Bernie Sanders at 0:20 with his head down undoubtably thinking “someone PLEASE shut this guy up.”¬†This bizarre moment right here was the nail-in-the-coffin for Chafee’s short-lived campaign.


Flashback in time now to former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s gaffe at the 2012 Republican presidential debate. It’s kind of hard to forget this one… During his speech, Perry turned to Ron Paul to express his desire of cutting three agencies. Only issue is – he couldn’t even name them. The American people certainly have at least one thing they can agree with Donald Trump on, and that is Rick Perry is a complete disaster.


We’re going to have to give the crown to former Governor Rick Perry. Sorry, Rick.