The life of a stray dog is never easy. They have to find food, shelter and a safe place to live. Fortunately, some people decide to help and rescue them. Billy was among the fortunate dogs that got a new chance to live a healthy and happy life. A woman saw the stray on a street in Greece and shared on Facebook her video and pictures she took of the dog. He looked like from a horror movie, all bones, and skin. But the woman took him in and offered Billy a place to live his last moments. She didn’t expect this, though…

20. Almost Dead

A woman saw on Facebook a picture of a stray dog on the streets in Greece. She immediately went there and took him to an animal rescue. The poor dog was a bag of bones and had no hair. He had scars and open wounds on his body and could barely move.

19. Valia Orfanidou – An Angel for Dogs

Valia saw the Facebook post and went to help the dog. The scene looked like one out of a horror movie. The dog was looking so bad, that people on social media believed it to be a fake photo. Even Valia said so: ‘there were people claiming it wasn’t real’.

18. Last Peaceful Moments

The first intention was to provide the dog a place where he could draw his last breath before he dies. It would have meant a last peaceful meal and a bed to die on. But the stray, that was now called Billy, had a different agenda…

17. Eyes Full of Hope

The poor stray got medical attention, a lot of love and food and his eyes showed the rescue team that he was willing to fight for his life. These people were brought to tears while taking care of him, but they knew Billy will soon be alright. You won’t believe his transformation!

16. Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union

As soon as the photo became famous on social media, the animal rescue organization from Athens, Greece, Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union traveled to Valia’s home to check up on Billy. With her permission, Billy was taken to get some medical care.

15. Billy Was Sick

Not only Billy was weak and malnourished, but he couldn’t walk on his own and had mange, which was contagious. He had to be kept separated from other dogs. His behavior was also in bad shape. He was nervous and the doctors couldn’t treat him through IVs.

14. A Dignified Death

Valia remembers that his body looked so horrible that the only thing they could do now was to give ‘him the chance of a dignified death’. And that was everyone first believed when they saw how shockingly bad Billy looked.

13. One Vet Said Otherwise!

There was one vet that had a different opinion. They wanted to give Billy another chance, as he might be able to recover. And we’re all thankful for that decision because Billy got a new chance to life. See it for yourself in the following photos…

12. Fight For Your Life

Billy fought for his life and grew stronger. In just 10 days he could walk on his own. All he did was eat and sleep in his bed. But almost two months passed and the bag of bones recovered. Valia saw it all happen: Billy was a beautiful black dog, with a shiny fur.

11. Valia Was so Happy

She said that she was so worried about Billy that she knew she had to ‘protect and nurture’ him like a ‘tiny treasure’. She would check him a dozen times a day to make sure Billy was doing fine. Look how cute and healthy he is now!

10. A Healthy Pup

The team from Ilioupolis posted photos on social media, showing how well Billy has recovered in such a short time. People couldn’t believe their eyes, and some even said that it wasn’t the same dog and that they showed a different one. But that was actually the skinny and bony stray from the beginning…

9. The Orphan Pet

Valia saved a lot of other cases before and after saving Billy. She took care of similar sad cases, nurtured them, trained them to be good pets and sent them for adoption. She saved Billy, this time.

8. Valia Let Billy Go

The woman who rescued and fostered Billy had to find the pup a new home. Her job was done, as she brought Billy back to life with the help of the vets. She taught him to be a good companion and it was time Billy had a new family. Why didn’t Valia keep him?

7. ‘He Loves You’

Valia posted a video with Billy’s story from the beginning and his transformation and a lot of people asked Valia why doesn’t she keep the dog? They said ‘How can you let him go after all he’s been through. He loves you’. She was heartbroken, but she responded…

6. They Belong to Someone Else

‘All the dogs I fostered will always be mine in a way. I keep only one photo of every one of them, and it’s a photo from the first day they arrived. That day, they were mine.’ Valia confessed that when the dogs go to their homes, they don’t belong to her anymore.

5. The Best Decision is to Let Them Go

The best thing to do for a canine friend is to let them go to a home, where they will be loved and taken care of. Valia knew saying goodbye to the dogs was very difficult when she chose to foster them. But she had to do it. This is why she did it…

4. The Journey Continues

Valia’s purpose was to help other dogs that need a new life. She had to let go of Billy and continue saving other strays in need of care. As soon as she got an email, Valia knew that Billy will be in good hands.

3. Billy is a Happy Pup

Emma sent an email to Valia to ask if she could adopt Billy. The pup would start a new life at 2,000 kilometers away, in Switzerland, with his new family. Emma followed Billy’s story from the beginning and knew she had to meet him.

2. Time to Say Goodbye

Valia had to say goodbye to Billy at the airport. It was one of the most difficult things in her life, but she said farewell, with tears of joy in her eyes. But Billy was no longer her pup.

1. A Photo to Remember Billy

‘Back then, he was my dog.’ Valia’s path was different. She would take care of animals in need and support them. Billy was now doing great and had a new family.

We hope Billy is super happy and Valia is strong enough to rescue and help many dogs in the future!