With first semesters coming to an end around the nation, what better time to re-evaluate your college major than over the long, dreadful, and boring Christmas break back home with good ol’ mom and dad.  

Throughout first semester, many of us were all hit with countless emails for “LGBT History Month” to “Transgender Remembrance Week” to “Latino Heritage Month.” So over at SoCawlege we figured, what better month to feature “Worthless Degree Awareness Month” than December.

Worthless degrees are a growing plague within America’s universities. Worthless degrees are pieces of paper which millions of students receive after four years of “education” that by no means help their employment prospects.

In a way, millions of students are deceived by those in academia by being told that a major in “Women’s Studies” “Music Theory” “Sociology” “Art History” “Theater” and hundreds of other “majors” are a safe investment to take on. Some of these can get you jobs, or increase earnings, but a lot of them might increase your chances of staying unemployed.

Data shows that certain fields have significantly higher (and lower) unemployment rates than others. Take this Bloomberg Businessweek article as an example. Here, we see a graph from the Department of Education that some degrees have more earning potential, and have lower unemployment rates. For example, health-care fields have a 2.2% unemployment rate. Humanities/social sciences were above 9%.

In summary, you should do research into your major and see if it really is worth all the effort and money you are putting in at college. If not, then be ready to switch it up if it isn’t too late. Check out our previous article, The Reality of Your College Major for more before you waste four years of your life.


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