It’s been a crazy last couple months – this small media start-up has made national headlines three separate times after breaking different stories regarding extreme leftism in academia. (1, 2, and now 3).

The purpose of doing these stories seems to have been lost on people. Even though we’ve made the purpose clear in multiple outlets (take CNN and Fox News as examples), and in our original writing as well, many people think we are out gunning for professors’ jobs. This has never been the case. Every article critical of radical professors follows the exact some format:

1. Quotes them, and shows their statements. All accurate. All from them or endorsed by them.

2. Disagrees with/condemns the statements.

We have not explicitly called for the firing of any professors for their commentary. We are free speech absolutists who love the exchange of ideas no matter how offensive. As the quotations in the articles linked above overtly state, it is all about showing America how far out on the fringe our academic environment has become. Most Americans don’t hold a college degree. And most, regardless of educational status, aren’t fully aware of just what kind of ideas their tax-dollars are being used to promote to the next generation.

Enter condemnation from a sociology professor at the University of Richmond. In response to the Zandria Robinson story we did early this week, Professor Grollman is upset that conservative students like us and Campus Reform’s Peter Hasson have a voice in media. How dare we.









Relax Eric, there’s no bigger plot to take down you radicals. It’s just some “conservative white student journalists” (race is always on their mind I swear. It’s all they tweet about), who are reporting on your statements. If you don’t want the public to see what you have to say, don’t say what you have to say publicly (as an open Twitter account is). Sound simple? Sound obvious?

Yes, professors are being held to account for what they proclaim online. And yes, various organizations have a right to call them out on racist, ignorant, arrogant, and factually incorrect claims. Because just like other servants of the so called public interest, educators are a vital part of our society. If it didn’t matter what kind of character they had, then we could just open up hiring to anyone with a pulse. But because you are in a position of authority, are responsible for molding minds, and more specifically, teaching young adults how to think and function in a fast-paced 21st century globalized world, we need the best academics we can get. We’ve got a while to go.

To Eric, and everyone like him, just grow up. If some young conservatives and their website truly ‘invoke fear’ in you, then you should look in the mirror, because we aren’t your biggest problem. Being a spineless jellyfish is.