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Doing pranks or locally known as dokkiri in Japan has been a favorite form of entertainment from their local TV to Youtube. Some can involve simple acting skills to complete a time-freezing act and some would go overboard like using mega-fans to blow off people into a pool of mud. Some are staged and some are well-planned to freak out random people. Aren’t these pranks too cruel? Hmm… for the Japanese, maybe not. It’s pretty much another normal day.


Another normal day indeed, like when you’re…


getting primped up


crossing the street


drinking on a water fountain


going to work


taking the elevator


having a smoke break


walking on your way home


feeding your dog


getting your hair cut in the salon


getting pampered at the spa


looking at the mirror while waiting


going for lunch in a restaurant


going for a medical check-up


bonding with your sibling


or when you just want to try out some new Japanese technology in ordering pizzas in America.


Everything’s normal in Japan. Don’t be surprised.