The life for a senior dog is really hard. Not only does he need to be taken really good care by his owner, but also the situation gets worse when the dog’s owner has past away or has abandoned him. It is really difficult for the dog to find a new owner due to the fact that most people, when they are looking for dogs at shelters, most of the time they choose puppies and younger dogs. As a result, elderly dogs usually spend the rest of their days living in the shelters. However that’s not the case for our 18 year old Morgan and his story is beyond belief!  Don’t miss #18, #16 and especially, #11!

20. “Little” Morgan

Morgan is an adorable little dachshund. However, despite the size of his body, Morgan is a super senior dog. He is 18 years old, but his age isn’t a problem for him because he is a dog full of life and energy, ready to take over the world! Click next if you want to learn what problems had Morgan to face until he could make any of his dreams come true!

19. “L.C.A.D.S”

As far as we know, although we don’t have much information about Morgan’s past, he used to have an owner who one day died. So Morgan was left alone and for a dog that old the life on the road would be really tough. However he was lucky enough to end up at the Lee Country Animal Domestic Services (LCDAS) in Fort Myers, Florida.  Do you want to know what happened afterwards? Click next!


18. Finding A Forever Home

The moment that the staff at the “LCDAS” found out how old Morgan really was, they immediately began the process in order to find him a forever home in which he would spend happily is remaining years. So the shelter reached out for help to Senior Paws Sanctuary (SPS). Click next to learn how Morgan found his forever home!


17. Finding A Forever Home

“LCDAS called SPS to inform us that an elderly, unadoptable dog had arrived and wanted to know if we could help him,” Kate Reidy, Morgan’s foster mom, told us. “The founder and organizer of SPS went to see Morgan and fell in love.”

16. Two “Little” Artists

The “SPS” sends all of their dogs to live with foster families. So Morgan not only gains a forever home, but he now also has a brother, ten year old Charlie. His owner name is  Reidy. At first Reidy thought that Morgan due to his age he would prefer to stay inside and relax most of the time, but he proved her wrong!


15. Relaxing

“I joke and say Morgan has Benjamin Button disease,” Reidy said. “He has gotten more active, livelier and his personality has grown in the past year of fostering him. Most people don’t believe his age!”

14. “I’m The King Of The Game”

Morgan loved his new foster home from the start! He really enjoys to take naps on his bed, but the thing that he loves the most is exploring every inch of the house! He has also a great mom that takes care of everything. Reidy is trying to make the life of this elderly dog as simple as she can in order to help him make most of his time so she made him his own special stair to help him climb onto the couch and bed.

13. Enjoying A Burger

It’s hard for us to say if Morgan was happy at his previous owner because we don’t have much information about the dog’s past. However, the fact that he is 18 years old and full of life gives us hope that he lived a good life and due to his will to see more tings, his mom decided to make him a bucket list. Click next to see Morgan in the airport!


12. “Fly Me To The Moon And Let Me Play Among The Stars”

Here is Morgan at the airport, after travelling on a plane. He really looks thrilled. Did he enjoy his flight? We are sure he did!

11. “I’m On Duty”

After the Morgan checked out of his list the flight with the plane, it was time to meet a sergeant and learn all of his secrets. He even managed to become a junior deputy!


10. “One Day That Ball Will Be Mine!”

After becoming a junior deputy, Morgan needed a little time to relax from the pressure of work, so he went to watch a baseball game.


9. Ho-Ho-Ho

It wouldn’t be a complete bucket list if there wasn’t “meeting Santa” in it. But don’t worry, Morgan met Santa as well as Charlie did. What did they ask for Christmas?



8. I’m A Goldfish

It seems that our little friend really enjoys a good swim. Also, he is pretty good at it, as he swims that quickly that the camera couldn’t take a full photo of him!


7. Morgan Ridding A Motorcycle

He also sat on a motorcycle. However his foster mom wouldn’t let him drive it without a helmet. Safety first!


6. Working For That Beach Body

After enjoying so much the swimming, Morgan decided that it was time for him to try and do some beach yoga with his mom. He was excellent!


5. Love Is in The Air

Although Morgan is a super elderly dog, he is full of energy and curiosity. He really enjoys every adventure that he and his foster mom go to. They love spending as much time as possible together.



4. Morgan And His Girls

“He loves to investigate new smells and new people, so all of his adventures have been a way for him to explore new places and new smells,” Reidy said. “He loves the attention and cuddles he gets from meeting new people

3. “What Kind Of Dog Is That Green Thing?”

Morgan really enjoys the company of people. “He loves attention,” Reidy said. “He loves to snuggle as close as he can to you and every so often he will get up and sniff your face just to make sure he remembers who he is sitting with! It’s so sweet.”

2. Collecting Memories


Morgan has a huge will to live and explore as much as he can despite the fact that he is 18 years old. Due to that his mom is willing to help him collect many beautiful memories.

1. Flawless

Morgan’s list has many things that have to be done, yet. Some of them are riding in a hot air balloon, having a doggie spa day and meeting Ellen DeGeneres! For now, Morgan’s wish is that all of his friends from over the world will send him a birthday card and if they could, a dollar for his friends at S.P.S. If you want to send him a birthday card, you can send it to 1413 Caywood Circle South, Lehigh, FL, 33936.