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The 2014 elections are just over 2 weeks away. Below is my current set of predictions, as of October 17, 2014, for how the Senate elections will turn out. Keep in mind that we may update these predictions with a second article prior to election day.

Seats not up for election: R – 30   D – 32   I – 2

The No Brainers:

Hawaii – D

Idaho – R

Wyoming – R

Nebraska – R

New Mexico – D

Texas – R

Oklahoma 1 – R

Oklahoma 2 – R

Mississippi – R

Alabama – R

Tennessee – R

Illinois – D

South Carolina 1 – R

South Carolina 2 – R

Delaware – D

Massachusetts – D

Rhode Island – D

West Virginia – R

Montana – R

Maine – R


Total so far:   R – 44     D – 38     I – 2

The Leans:

New Jersey – D

Oregon – D

South Dakota – R

Alaska – R

Arkansas – R

Louisiana – R (This is the prediction even if there is a runoff)

Georgia – R (This is the prediction even if there is a runoff)

Kentucky – R

Minnesota – D

Michigan – D

Total so far:   R – 50     D – 42      I – 2

The Toss – Ups:


Virginia – D

(With Warner hit by a scandal late in the game, this race might just go Republican. I still think Warner has the edge, so I’m calling it D for the time being)

North Carolina – R

(Tillis is gaining ground on Hagan, and this race is getting a lot closer than it was before. I think Tillis will pull off a late upset)

Iowa – R

(Joni Ernst is a strong candidate, but this race could be tight until the end)

Colorado – R

(Gardner has pulled away in the polls these last couple weeks. Even though he could still lose, it’s looking better and better for him)

Kansas – R

(Roberts is in trouble, no question. But I believe with all the GOP action in the state, he will squeak by with a win)

New Hampshire – R

(Probably the boldest prediction on this list. Brown has trailed the whole campaign, but a new poll has him up +1. He has momentum, along with the GOP as a whole in these last few weeks)


Final tally:  R – 55     D – 43    I – 2


Count the two independents, King and Sanders as Democrats, and that is a 55-45 split.

Current prediction has the GOP picking up 10 seats, with no loses.

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