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The following list contains the 5 reasons why Google+ failed in the social networking aspect….. or at least why it remains on life support until a new plan is strategized by Google.


It never “caught on” with young people the way Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn did

According to researcher Edward Morbis, approximately 2.2 billion Google+ profiles have been created, yet only 9% of those have actively posted content and 6% since January 2015.


Google+ was designed to solve the company’s own problems, rather than making it easier for YOU to connect with others

Logging into your Google+ account gives you access to all of Google’s products; Gmail, YouTube, Drive, and Maps just to name a few. This was a convenience for Google as it meant not having to micromanage billions of different user profiles.


What exactly is “a circle?”

Unlike on Facebook where you can simply “Add as a friend” Google+ made it complicated for users when having to decide who they wanted in their circles. Unlike in Facebook groups where users have access to all the group members, circles are the exact opposite; nobody knows which groups they are in. This is referred to as “asymmetric sharing” where you share one-way with people, however they don’t have to share back. Confused? You’re not alone. Maybe this video will help clear things up:



Google+ failed to adapt to the mobile users needs

While Google+ was focusing on high- resolution photos for users on a desktop platform, Facebook was quietly making up for lost time perfecting the mobile experience.


Vic Gundotra who led Google+ sorta kinda left Google

When the man in charge packed up and left, the already controversial platform had no success plan. As said by a former Googler, it was like “here one day and gone the next.” Which leads many tech enthusiasts to believe that this was a well-do-do tech company throwing products up against the wall to see what sicks and what falls.


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