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1. The University of Auckland, New Zealand

– The adventure capital of the WORLD! Known for skydiving, bungee-jumping, rafting, caving, and zip lining

– Your perspective of the world will change from thousands of feet in the air overlooking landscapes you thought only existed in movies

– The laid- back lifestyle endorsed by the New Zealand natives will have you wishing life back home wasn’t so fast-paced and cutthroat

2. University of Belgrano, Argentina

– History and world-class theaters all in one of the most fascinating cities in the world

– World class nightlife famous for tango clubs gives Belgrano a unique feel, different from every other city in the world

– University of Belgrano strives to give every student studying abroad a memorable and life changing cultural experience through a hands-on volunteer and community service experience

3. New York University at BerlinGermany

– Everyone and their little brother talks about taking a trip to Germany, mainly for the coffee shops, insane nightlife scene, and more


– Befriend some of the most attractive people you will ever meet in your lifetime

– Getting drunk at a bar has never felt so good

4. Keio University — Tokyo, Japan

– The younger generation has a crazy fashion sense that will truly inspire you to get creative back home

– The food is rich and DELICIOUS! With literally thousands of options for every meal, you are bound to try new dishes and taste new favorites

– Having a decent camera is an absolute must if you want to take magazine-like pictures that will have your social media pages buzzing with likes

5. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

– Singapore is an English speaking country, so you will never have a language barrier restricting you from speaking with natives if you happened to get lost, or need directions to your destinations

– Once you’re here, living is cheap! Enjoy $2-3 meals and flights from Singapore to other surrounding countries such as, Indonesia, Thailand, and Burma for as low as $200!

– Believe it or not, Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world. Perfect for getting out of your comfort zone and traveling with peace of mind

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