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Listing on AirBnB during weekends and breaks

AirBnB is the extremely popular room-sharing service that gives people a more culturally rich experience while traveling. Simply put, when you list a room on AirBnB, you rent out your place to others for a fee. Many students are renting out their off-campus apartment space over the weekend while staying with friends and family, thus making anywhere from $80-$150 PER NIGHT!



Tutoring on InstaEDU

Are you a math, chemistry, physics, or computer science whiz? I’m not, but it certainly pays to be. How does setting your own hours and working when it’s convenient for you sound? Building up a credible reputation takes time – but it’s surely worth the potential $20/hr.



Become an Uber / Lyft driver

Uber and Lyft are popular car sharing services that are quickly replacing traditional taxis. Developing strategies for peak hours can land you in the $15-$25/hr earning category, all while meeting new people. A friend in the Cherry Hill, NJ area once picked up some Philadelphia Eagles players from a Cheesecake Factory and even received a $100 tip!



Sell your web development skills on Fiverr.com

Fiverr is the insanely popular marketplace to sell your creative side. People all across the world are scavenging for website banners, logos, designs etc. Many sellers have up to 80 backorders, so there is no shortage of service requests.


Apply for Federal Work-Study through your university. Get on the waiting list for Federal Work-Study


Not every student is eligible for Federal Work-Study. Luckily, those who are eligible don’t always utilize the funds granted to them, giving those on the waiting list an opportunity. Many Work-Study positions are very laid back, require minimal work, and pay fairly decent wages ($10-15/hr). Depending on what department you choose to work in, many supervisors are very lenient on students doing homework during shifts. What beats getting paid to do your schoolwork? Or better yet – getting paid to complete a Fiverr order or InstaEDU lesson?


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