Hailey Baldwin may be the most down-to-earth celebrity to come into mainstream fame in recent years (likely thanks to her surprisingly normal upbringing in suburban New York). Hailey’s mystique comes from her relationship with Justin Bieber. For almost an entire year, Beliebers around the world speculated that Jailey (Justin + Hailey) was bound to be “official” in the near future. Interestingly enough, the pair rang in the New Year with a steamy kiss for Instagram sending both Beliebers and the media into a frenzy.

Here are 7 interesting facts about Hailey Baldwin you probably didn’t know.


She doesn’t live in Los Angeles

Despite always being pictured by paparazzi on Hollywood boulevard and at various LA restaurants, hotels and beaches, Hailey resides on the east coast in New York City. Her childhood home, in suburban Rockland County, New York, is approximately 30 miles from Downtown Manhattan.

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She played Cody Simpson’s love interest in his song “On My Mind

WHAT?! Yup, you heard it here first. Cody Simpson’s 2012 single featuring Hailey Baldwin was pretty much swept under the publicity rug as it was filmed long before her high-profile relationships with stars like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Justin Bieber were talked about in the mainstream media. Although there was never any speculation that the two were ever a “thing”, Cody did spend an entire three minutes and 47 seconds searching a mall for her. JUST sayin’…


 Yes, Alec Baldwin is her uncle

Hailey’s father, Stephen Baldwin, is one of the four “Baldwin brothers” along with Daniel, William, and Alec Baldwin. Interestingly enough, all four brothers are actors and have appeared in some of the most recent and popular TV series and hit films. From this side of her family alone, it’s easy to see that Hailey was born to play the fame game. Here she is pictured with Alec Baldwin and other family members on Instagram.


She is the new face of Topshop Denim

Soon after Hailey was approached by Topshop Creative Director Kate Phelan at the Chiltern Firehouse in London, she was named the new face (and first American) of Topshop Denim thanks to her social media influence and the ‘twinkle in her eye’. Despite recalling her nervousness leading up to the big event, Hailey dominated her runway debut for Topshop during London Fashion Week this past September.

…when I got this job, I kind of screamed… well, okay, I literally screamed. I’m so excited. I’m also a little scared, to be honest. But I trust Ford, my agency, more than anybody. They’ve seen models through their careers time and time again. They said I was ready, so here I go. Even though I’m really nervous!”



She was homeschooled by her Brazilian mother throughout high school

Similar to many children of famous celebrities, Hailey was homeschooled by her Brazilian graphic-designer mother and seemed to love every minute of it.


Hailey is a trained classical ballerina

Hailey spent her high school summers at the all prestigious American Ballet Theatre school where she pursued her passion for the traditional formal style of ballet. When nervous about fashion runway walkings, her mother reminds her that if she can dance for four hours on her toes, she can handle three minutes in a really high heel.


She dated Luke Hemmings

On October 28th, Hailey and 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings hit up the famous Cipriani restaurant in New York City together as a pair. As you can see from the picture, the two tried to keep a few feet between each other to prevent photographers from getting any pictures of them together. According to EOnline, sources close to the two say that they are only pals, and have worked together on a few events and projects in the past.