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You Were Only Taught One Point of View In High School

Unfortunately, your teachers, like most teachers, likely praised the Democratic party more than the Republican party in the classroom. The policies of the Democrats favor teachers unions, since they are more likely to support pension increases, stronger health benefits, tenure, and other union oriented policies. Therefore, since it benefits them financially, a majority of teachers will only focus on one side of the story. How often do you get article handouts from the New York Times? Exactly.


Many of You Can’t Name A Single Senator, or Other High Ranking Officials


You Live In A Snow Globe Like Atmosphere, Known As College

Whether you’re grabbing a bite to eat in the dining hall, or headed to the gym for a workout, notice that only MSNBC and CNN are tuned into on EVERY TV. You will NEVER get the full story by only hearing what  Ed Schultz of MSNBC or Wolf Blitzer of CNN have to say. Most students surrounding you are also left wing, meaning that the ideas and attitudes you are exposed to most of the year come overwhelmingly from one perspective on the world.


You Were Told Scare Tactics In Order To Secure A Vote

Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if Republicans win the Senate” – Nancy Pelosi

Republicans want to take away your birth control

Republicans hate poor people

Republicans hate women” “Republicans hate minorities” So on and so forth….


Your Facebook/Twitter Newsfeed is Not A Good Source for the News

Hate to break it to you, but if you get some of your political knowledge from sources like BuzzFeed, or the Huffington Post, you lack a strong understanding of many current issues. BuzzFeed and HuffPo both have agendas. They are no better than Fox News, and their bias is doing a lot of damage by indoctrinating America’s youth.


Most College Kids Have Never Had To Support Themselves With a Full-Time Job

There is a reason why people start voting Republican in higher numbers as they get older. It’s in large part due to the fact that the Republican party’s economic arguments surrounding taxes and regulations make a lot more sense to someone who is 40, and has 18 years of work experience under his belt, than to someone in college, whose only experience with the US economy is what his Econ 101 professor told him.


Rather Than Give Another One of Our Opinions on Millennials and Politics, Here is a Poll:

Pew did a Survey in November 2010 

One section of the survey broke political knowledge down by age.

The percentage listed is those who answered the question correctly. The only political area young people knew more about than their older peers was, that at the time, the Federal government spent more on national defense than anything else. I guess they had the high school indoctrination process to thank for that.

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