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After 15 months of trying to get pregnant, Clare Rowe and her husband Dane finally received some good news. With only three days away from the couple’s first IVF appointment, Clare found out that she is pregnant. Unfortunately, this news turned out to be bittersweet as you’re going to find out.

While Clare and Dane were excited to find out they are going to have a baby, they also found out that the baby will be born with a serious deformity. However, this didn’t discourage the parents from fighting against the odds as you will clearly see. Nonetheless, let’s check out how this couple’s power of love managed to overcome their struggle.

20. Meet Clare and Rowe


Clare and Rowe are two amazing people who will show us just how strong parents love their babies. They will also show us what fighting against the odds and true courage looks like.

Sadly, #19 will also show us what their little baby had to go through right after being born.

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