15. The Power of Touch

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The power of a simple touch is an amazing thing. As humans, we’re designed to connect with other people. We need to be touched in order to feel loved, safe and even healthy. Research has shown that people who connect with others more often in a physical way, tend to be mentally and physically healthier than those who fly solo. Even better, the sense of touch can actually save lives. Too good to be true? Well, this powerful story about a nurse and twin infants is likely to change your mind.

14. Premature and Barely Hanging On

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It was a chilly night on October 17, 1995 in Massachusetts when twin sisters Kyrie and Brielle Jackson were born 12 weeks premature. Weighing in at only 2.2 pounds each, the little girls were barely hanging on to life and their journey in this world had just begun. Life can be so cruel can’t it?

13. A Long Road to Recovery

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The twins were kept in separate incubators to help prevent infections. Over time, Kyrie’s condition slowly improved. She began to gain weight and her breathing had started to transition into a normal rhythm. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for her sister, Brielle.

12. The Other Sister

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While her sister’s health improved every day, Brielle’s condition continued to decline rapidly. She struggled to gain weight, screamed 24/7 and suffered from low oxygen levels that left her blue in the face. It seemed that Brielle’s luck was quickly running out and no one knew what to do.

11. The ICU Nurse

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Gayle Kasparian was a nurse working in the ICU and had been helping nurture both Kyrie and Brielle back to health. She was startled by Brielle’s lack of progress and realized her condition was continuing to deteriorate rapidly. If something wasn’t done and soon…the baby could die.

10. Too Much Yet Not Enough

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Gayle tried everything she could think of for the infant. She held her constantly and even let her father hold her. They wrapped her in comfort blankets and kept her nose clean, yet nothing seemed to work. At her wits end, Gayle didn’t know what to do, but she refused to let little Brielle slip away.

9. The European Method

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Frantic for answers, Gayle remembered a method that was used in Europe to help infants who weren’t improving. Unfortunately, it was against every hospital policy. Would Gayle take the risk or play it safe?

8. Sisters Reunited

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Realizing this could be her last chance to save the baby, Gayle threw caution to the wind and placed the infant in the same incubator as her twin sister. Almost immediately, Brielle cuddled up to her sister and you won’t believe what happened next!

7. Better Every Day

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Brielle’s condition improved! Not only did her crying stop, but she quickly started to gain weight. It seemed being next to her sister was the key to her recovery and as long as they were together her health improved tremendously.

6. The Photo that Changed the World

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Meanwhile, a photographer from LifeNews heard about the wonder twins and snapped a photograph of the girls together. The photo would quickly become popular and would elevate to an iconic status over the years. The twin sisters who defied all odds were poised for fame.

5. Breaking Through

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Even though the girls were dealt a bad hand at the start of their lives, they were able to push through and become healthy little ladies. They grew up, went to preschool, and turned into media sensations overnight.

4. A Media Frenzy

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Due to the twins’ popularity, parents Heidi and Paul Jackson were hounded by the media day and night. It soon became so bad they had to change their phone numbers to avoid the check ups by random strangers on how their daughters were doing.

3. Instant Fame

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The photograph of the girls would circulate in news publications around the world. It would end up on the cover of Life magazine and even on the Reader’s Digest. These two little angels became an inspiration and a beacon of hope for many people.

2. Changing the Game

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The hospital where Gayle worked praised her efforts and even used this incident as a jumping off point to change their guidelines on twin births. Despite the girls’ rough start, the entire medical community was now interested in new ways to help premature infants survive. Gayle had become a local hero.

1. All Grown Up

Image: Life News

Today, the girls are all grown up and a far cry from those tiny, frail premature infants that were born on the brink of death 22 years ago. Despite their story always following them, the girls have remained grounded and closer than ever. We wish them the best of success in life.