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One thing that really sucks about traveling is losing your stuff. The worst part is the fact that you just can’t help it—lots of things happen while on the road, and it’s hard to remember your phone when it slips from your back pocket in that plane seat or that small piece of luggage when the boarding call rings at the airport.

But here comes a modern solution to the age-old problem of our forgetfulness:  BiKN, a virtual leash for practically anything. Through linking your smartphone to your keys, luggage, wallet, and even your pet dog, BiKN makes sure you’d never fuss about losing stuff again.

BiKN comes in the form of an iPhone case which pairs wirelessly with small plastic tags. You can attach these tags to any of your stuff you want to tie a virtual leash on. In the event you leave a room without any one of these things, BiKN would set off an alarm. It works on bags to prevent them from getting lost or stolen and even with pets and children to keep them from wandering out of reach.

You can also put a tag on your keys or wallet so that the next time you forget where you put them, you can easily press a switch on your phone to make the tag sound an alert tone. That way you can easily track the item by ear. It also works in family picnics to alert everyone it’s mealtime, in the parking lot so you could easily spot your car, and even in the golf course for quickly tracking the ball.

However, when BiKN realizes a certain tag is out of reach, it can send you a detailed report of its approximate location. This means no thief could get away from BiKN’s line of sight. Also, when a contact with BiKN installed in his or her phone steps into a room where one of you BiKN tags is located, it sends an alert tone to your phone, immediately notifying you of the whereabouts of your tagged valuables.

The BiKN case comes with a separate battery of its own so it won’t drain your iPhone battery, and it needs to be charged every now and then along with the tags. Each starter kit contains a case and one tag, and extra tags can be purchased separately. BiKN can hold up to 8 units in its tag network, which can be readily customized according to your needs.

BiKN starter kits cost at $99.99. Learn more at their official website.



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