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Saida Grundy is an “incoming Assistant Professor of Sociology and African-American Studies at Boston University”, according to her bio on BU’s African American Studies Department’s website. Among other things, she is an active Twitter user, having racked up over 57,000 tweets.

It would be beyond a chore to go through everything that she has ever put on Twitter, however, we at SoCawlege went through her timeline for just the past three to four months. And if that was any indication, BU has a problem on their hands.

First, the factual errors:


Um…no? So I guess a history lesson is in order:

First off, Arabs, not “whites” did much of the slave trading in Africa. They also did much of the transportation of those African slaves, an estimated 10-18 million people. Whites didn’t “invent” the idea of transportation, nor did they do this on their own.

And, it wasn’t just Africans who were enslaved by Arabs, but an estimated 1 million + Europeans were also taken as slaves by Arabs. Barbary pirates did a lot of that.

Continuing, slaves were transported from India to Central Asia by Muslims, centuries before the first African was transported by white or Arab slave traders.

There are many more examples of slave transport throughout history besides these. Perhaps if Ms. Grundy took a history class she would know this problem transcends all races, cultures, and geographic locations, and even still continues today with global transportation in the human trafficking industry.

In regards to slavery for generations (which she says is only something white people did as well):  Again, Muslims enslaved Indians who they considered “infidels” for centuries, whites and others were traded in the Ottoman Empire for centuries, and it wasn’t just whites who owned black slaves in the Americas either, but other blacks, Native Americans, and of course what we would today call Hispanics in Latin or Central America, which had large slave trades and agricultural industries as well. Generational black slavery in the Americas was not something only done by whites. The notion is absurd.  

Slavery is such a long and complex historical topic that this doesn’t end here, but we should move on to other statements –


Well it’s an official holiday in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland both. There are entire festivals in Ireland for it. Does this not make it a “thing” in “actual” Ireland?


I’m not up to date on my latest anti-Rand conspiracy theories, but I’ll just point out that he did in fact graduate from Duke Medical School, and yes, he is a resident of the state of Kentucky, having moved there after graduation. He doesn’t have a bachelors degree, so perhaps she meant that and got confused in her anti-Paul tweeting?

Second, and more seriously, the crazy rage:


Imagine the condemnation if a white person made the reverse statement, that college aged black males are a “problem population” that black America has to address. Well, for the record, young black males are statistically more likely to commit crimes than young white males. Why are young white males a singled out issue to you Ms. Grundy, as opposed to all young males? If you are going to work at Boston University you have to teach college aged white males eventually no? You probably already have/are working with them. To us, this seems like you are unqualified to grade their work as you clearly demonstrate some kind of special bias against them. They are a “problem population” after all.

mlk day

That’s fine. But it does show a long-standing inter-generational racial grudge.



Whites are ‘currently’ “looting” the Americas/Africa.

Yes, shame on condemning rioters! So she is pro-riot too?

The “entire rest of” America doesn’t earn their belongings? Alright then.


Wow, so she thinks the kid who got smacked by his mother was in the right for being out there in that mess, and she was in the wrong?


She no longer supports Bruce Jenner because of his political beliefs. I guess if you are a right wing transgender individual you are just scum huh?…..

bruce 2bruce3bruce4bruce5
And more:




Two important closing points:

1. This is only a few months. If others want to do the leg work, there is certainly much more to be found in her past tweets.

2. Parents who are sending their kids to college should be aware of what the standard for faculty is at Boston University. Apparently, VERY low.