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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke to the local ACLU’s gala in Beverly Hills this past Sunday. She stated that “economic opportunity is slipping further and further out of reach” for average Americans.

Instead of working with Congress on a feasible plan to help struggling Americans, Warren seems to have done little besides go from event to event, talking and pointing fingers at the evil greedy Washington Republicans. Whether it’s fundraisers, campaign stops, or TV interviews, Warren (in our view) seems to be doing everything but moving positive legislation through Congress.

Her supporting arguments for the night were nothing new, in fact, they were the the same old talking points she has been pitching time and time again. Such as the federal government’s  inability to raise the minimum wage. We already went after one of the left’s key arguments for raising the minimum wage in our article Minimum Wage Daze. Perhaps Warren’s supports would benefit from reading it.

Warren will be the first one to tell you that she’s for middle class America. She’ll also be the first to tell you she’s on the front lines fighting the big banks and their corporatist agenda..

Keep in mind, this is the same Elizabeth Warren who, despite being a tiny bit (if at all) Cherokee, used a ‘family tale’ about her Indian heritage to tell Harvard that she was Native American.

Keep in mind this is the same Elizabeth Warren who reportedly bought up foreclosed homes and sold them for huge marginal profits, under her brother and sister-in-law’s name, throughout the 1990’s in Oklahoma City.

Keep in mind this is the same Elizabeth Warren that progressive Democrats regard as their alternative to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Go for it progressives. It will blow up in your face.