How many of us have dreamed of living a double life? During the day we’re a simple office worker in a cubicle and during the night we’re a vigilante superhero off to serve justice to the world. Oh, is that just my fantasy? Never mind then.

Anyway, here we have a true double life story exposed. This female cop seemed to be living an unassuming life until both of her worlds collided. Here’s her amazing story that will absolutely blow you away.

20. The Officer


Standing at 5-foot-2, 32-year-old Samantha Sepulveda was a part of the NYPD since she joined in 2010. Sepulveda enjoyed her career as a police officer and her tough attitude made her perfect for the job. However, everything changed when she decided to harbor a major secret from her fellow officers.

19. Her Back-story


Samantha is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who came to the United States at the age of 5 with her mother and older sister. Samantha’s mother wanted her daughters to have the best opportunities in life. Samantha made sure she lived up to her mother’s expectations.

However, no one expected the direction her life would take after joining the police force.

18. Growing Up

Image: DailyMail

As a natural athlete and a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, Samantha often participated in sports. Her love of lacrosse in high school earned her a scholarship to the University of Massachusetts. She earned her BA in management and masters in finance from Hofstra University.

Her athletic nature would pay off in the future in huge, unexpected ways…

17. A Change of Career

Image: LifeDaily

After graduating with her masters, Samantha underwent some self-reflecting and decided that a life in finance and business wasn’t for her. Instead, she decided to join the New York Police Department. Samantha wanted to be of service to her community and felt that being a police officer would accomplish that.

16. The Police Force


Although she didn’t graduate from school for a career in the police force, Samantha joined the Freeport, Long Island police department. Despite being initially excited to help others, Samantha soon realized that being petite and beautiful would cause her a lot of problems at work.

She never expected the problems that would follow her…

15. Female Struggles

Image: follownews

In the very beginning, Samantha found that it was hard to be taken serious on the job. However, through her hard work and dedication she managed to be an excellent officer. She even managed to “talk men into handcuffs,” as many were taken aback by being arrested by such a beautiful officer.

Her beauty would soon be a major contributing factor to her hidden double life.

14. Working It


Although Samantha was aware that she wasn’t as intimidating as many of her fellow officer, she did have a great set of interpersonal skills that she used to her advantage.

A woman cop can be less intimidating to bad guys,” Sepulveda once said. “With a female officer, their guard is lowered. There’s less aggression and the situation is defused.”

However, you’ll be quite surprised by Samantha’s attitude about dressing up for work.

13. On the Job


When Samantha is on duty she prefers to keep her look as “masculine” as possible by wearing no make-up, pulling her hair back in a bun, and wearing a baggy uniform that doesn’t show off her curves. “I try to look as masculine as possible,” she said.

Despite all of the attempts, Samantha’s beauty grew harder and harder to conceal…

12. Ridiculous Moments

Image: Newsday

Samantha has recounted some of the strangest moments while on the job including a domestic dispute where a man had just beaten his wife. The man threatened to attack the officers if they chased him but as he saw Sepulveda he quickly sang a different tune.

You’re the best-looking cop I’ve ever seen! Can I take you on a date?” he exclaimed.

Samantha proceeded to arrest him.

11. The Start

Image: Inside Fitness Magazine

Three years after joining the police force, Samantha began to consider a totally new side hobby. One of her friend’s worked for a lingerie and swimsuit company and encouraged Samantha to model in the runway show.

Samantha never considered that this would be the start of a whole new life for her.

10. A New Job


Samantha instantly fell in love with modeling. She found the experience to be incredibly empowering and her start in modeling gave her the opportunity to begin traveling the world. She made sure that her job as a cop never suffered due to her new career choice.

However, not everyone was as thrilled for Samantha and her new career.

9. Constant Ridicule

Image: Pix11

While many male police officers take on side jobs as plumbers or electricians, Samantha decided to take the route of international model. Her fellow colleagues were not supportive from the start and made her feel scrutinized.

I’ve been under the microscope since I started,” Sepulveda spoke out saying.

The hating only continued and from more than just her colleagues.

8. Unfair Treatment

Image: LifeDaily

As Samantha’s modeling career grew more and more, so did many critics who tried to make her feel ashamed for modeling while being an officer. Samantha felt that the harsh treatment towards her was unwarranted.

If people find it offensive, they can close their eyes!” She stated.

The haters have only inspired her to take an even bigger leap in her new career.

7. An Inspiration To Many

Image: Youtube

Samantha is working on a book that she has titled “American Beauty.” In the book she talks about the struggles she faced a female police officer. Her hope is to inspire young boys and girls to be true to themselves.

Samantha’s book isn’t the last stop on her journey to help inspire others.

You won’t believe some of the side projects that she’s working on.

6. Charity Work

Image: StarNow

While working as an officer, modeling, and putting together her book, Samantha is also working on a charity project. She is currently working on building sustainable energy plants in Thailand.

Thanks to her modeling and humanitarian spirit, Samantha has managed to blow up on the Internet. You’ll be amazed at some of the magazines she’s been featured in.

5. Huge Following

Image: PresidentMommy

Through her modeling career, Samantha has been able to acquire over 270k followers on Instagram, one of the largest social networking apps for sharing photos. She’s been featured in Maxim magazine and has been interviewed by some major television networks.

But, her career as a model isn’t as easy as the glamorous photos make it seem.

4. Constantly Working At It

Image: Pinterest

Samantha is constantly in the gym working out and staying fit. Staying in shape is essential to both her job as an officer and her image as a model. She loves being able to be an inspiration to everyone looking to step out of their comfort zone and trying a career path that may not seem easy from the get go.

However, Samantha’s story doesn’t end here!

3. Ignoring the Hate

Image: Youtube

Samantha has continually stated that she is so proud to be an inspiration and is so grateful to all of her fans that continually support her. She has now managed to model all throughout the world including England, Spain, Australia, and Nicaragua.

She has even been dubbed the hottest cop on the planet! However, the fame hasn’t gotten to her head…

2. Staying Humble

Image: Imgur

Since she got into the industry later on in life, Samantha still considers herself to be very down to earth and not industry obsessed. She updates her Instagram account daily with stunning photographs from lingerie and swimsuit shoots without any regard to the haters.

So what can you take away with from this absolutely amazing double life tale?

1. Living Your Dream


Samantha’s story is a great example of following your heart and allowing your greatest dreams to come true.

Be sure to share this with someone who might need that extra push in the right direction to follow his or her own heart’s desire.