Winter in Siberia is very dangerous not only to people but also to animals. Unfortunately, many animals die because of the harsh weather, but this dog got lucky. In the port of Magadan in the Sea of Okhotsk, a group of fishermen saw something dark on a chunk of ice. Then they realized that the black thing was a dog. They couldn’t ignore his barks and had to save the poor animal.

A brave fisherman risks his life to go and reach the dog. Will they make it to the shore and will the dog be alright?

20. The Icy Sea of Okhotsk

It all began one day when fishermen on the marginal sea of the western Pacific Ocean were minding their own business. Looking out to the sea, they were amazed to see a dog on a chunk of ice. They couldn’t stand by, so guess what they did!?

19. How Did The Dog Get There?

Nobody knew how the dog got there in the sea, but until solving the mystery, something had to be done. There have been a lot of cases of animals having their paws stuck into the ice and suffering from frostbites. So, there was no time to lose!

18. Frigid and Dangerous Waters

The icy waters are very dangerous and if you make a wrong move, you’d fall into the freezing cold water. But despite the high risk, a brave fisherman became this dog’s hero. He’s aided by his colleagues and together, they try to save the dog. But there’s a problem…

17. Swimming in The Icy Water

The only way to reach the dog was to climb down a ladder and swim to the floating ice floe. It takes a lot of courage to face the freezing temperatures of the water, but the fisherman won’t back down. Here’s what he does next…

16. Saving the Terrified Dog

Jumping into the cold water, which can drop to a temperature of -24 degrees Celsius in winter, the Russian fisherman swims towards the pooch. He is wearing a light orange vest to be easily spotted in the frozen environment.

15. Being Ingenious

As the floating ice is about 20ft away from the nearest boat in the port, the fisherman uses a rope tied around his body. His colleagues will pull him towards the boat as soon as he reaches the dog. But as the fisherman gets there, he sees something is wrong.

14. The Dog Was Stuck On Ice

The black dog couldn’t move on the floating ice because his paws were stuck in it. So, the fishermen had to do the only thing possible: move the floating piece of ice to the boat and then try to save the dog. They get closer to the boat but…

13. A Tense Moment

The fisherman’s colleagues are all tensed, as they’re watching him swim towards the dog. They can’t wait to see them both back to the boat and safe. The whole heroic moment has been recorded by an inspired colleague and it was made public. And it became viral! Check out the rest of the story to see why.

12. On The Lookout

As his colleagues look from the side of the boat, the fisherman tries to get the poor dog closer to the boat. He finally reaches it and then he tries to pry out the dog’s frozen paws from the ice. It’s not an easy task, but the dog is very patient!

11. Lifted To Safety

The poor dog is lifted to the boat and his hero is seen climbing a ladder. Finally, the dog is rescued. Now, everyone wondered if the pooch would make it since he was almost frozen

10. He Was Doing Great

As soon as the dog is back on stable ground, he leaves the group of fishermen and joins two huskies that were waiting on the shore. It looked like the dog wasn’t even shaken up by his journey in the freezing water! But after spending so much time in the cold water, there’s a high risk of him getting sick. Will the pooch be ok after all?

9. The Leader

The other two huskies are his pack, and as they were waiting for him to come back on the shore, we think that the black dog was their leader. Finally, back from his journey, he would go back with his furry pals back into the wild. Follow their adventure on the next slides!

8. The Adventure Was Filmed

All this suspenseful adventure was filmed and posted on YouTube. Everyone’s hearts stopped beating for a second when the dog was finally brought aboard. Before leaving, the pooch did one last thing, though…

7. One Last Look

Before being reunited with his pack, the black dog looks back to the fishermen that saved him. If he could talk, he’d tell them he will be forever grateful. And guess who else was grateful…? This next Labrador puppy!

6. The Amazing Adventure of Kimberly, The Black Retriever

Not only stray dogs live dangerously. Kimberly went on her own adventure, on a frozen lake! And that’s not all! She wouldn’t let people catch her and spoil her fun, so she was stranded on the frozen Lake Erie for five days.

5. Teams of Rescuers Tried Their Best

The Bay Village firefighters tried to save Kimberly, but they failed. The second time it was the Coast Guard that tried to save the puppy, but the intervention had to be called off because of the dangerous conditions. Will the pooch ever be saved?

4. Baiting The Puppy Wasn’t Successful…

Even after so many days away on the lake with nothing to eat, Kimberly was still on her journey to discover new places. A woman even tried to lure the puppy by grilling hot dogs by the shore. But soon, the dog would be brought back to her owners. Guess who saved her!

3. Fresh Forces

On the fifth day, Kimberly’s travels stop short as a local airboat company and a new rescue team finally save the Labrador puppy. George Payamgis, the photojournalist that documented the story was also the hero! Check out what he had to say about the event.

2. Two Jobs at The Same Time

George Payamgis was filming the event and, seeing an opportunity, he grabbed the puppy by the collar and brought her aboard. Not only he was the hero, but he also brought tears of joy to everyone’s eyes. The owners were so happy to see Kimberly was alright!

1. Take Extra Care of Your Pooches!

A stray dog can’t always be saved from these situations, but owners should be extra careful during winter. If they walk near frozen lakes, they should use a leash, because the ice could break under a dog’s weight.

It’s sad to witness such cases, but it’s also relieving to see that these pooches were finally saved!