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“Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.” So claims probably the most bizarre restaurant you’ll find in Bangkok: Cabbages and Condoms, a restaurant entirely devoted to birth control.

Considering that food and sex alone could be difficult to associate, what more food and contraception? Yet this venture was undertaken and executed quite creatively by Mechai Viravaidya, founder of the Population and Community Development Association (PDA) and the mind behind this peculiar eatery. According to Viravaidya (or Condom King, as known by some), condoms must be as common and as accepted in society as cabbages in the market. And while he is known for handing out condoms at World Bank meetings and paying farmers to paint birth control ads on their carabaos, Condom King takes his efforts in this restaurant to a whole new level.

At the entrance you’ll be greeted by several mannequins adorned in costumes made of condoms, including Tiger Woods with a special condom golf club and a sign that says “Did you use these, Tiger?” Inside the dining hall, you’ll find many decorations made of condoms—light fixtures, flower bouquets, wall décor, and more. The menu is craftily titled too (try the Spicy Condom Salad). Don’t expect free after-dinner mints in this place, all they have is—you guessed it right—condoms.

The adjoining gift shop sells and displays even more condom-associated stuff. Get a shirt with a statement: “Weapon of Mass Protection” or “No Glove, No Love”. Buy your sweetheart a bunch of condom flowers or perhaps a couple of packs of their signature flavored condoms—the proceeds of which will fund future projects of the PDA. What’s more, they offer free vasectomies at the clinic next door for a bonus perk.

Using jokes and funny visuals, Cabbages and Condoms creates a relaxed atmosphere to talk about issues on sexual health and family planning. And despite its odd appearance, much like its owner the Condom King, this eccentric restaurant remains true to its cause.





Photos by Lauren Juliff via Never Ending Footsteps