Making the right decision is a difficult task, especially when you are the type of person that gets easily excited. Therefore, many of us make rash choices without thinking over the consequences and end up regretting our decisions. Although, dogs have it even worse than us because their curiosity always wins. Prepare yourself to laugh because these upcoming photos of doggos who made bad choices are going to crack you up.

20. The Other Side

You know how the saying goes “the grass is always greener on the other side”. It seems like this dog’s curiosity got the best of him. Talking about curious dogs, you won’t believe what this next one did!

19. Neighbors

The dog’s face says it all! He should consider that he is no longer a puppy the next time he wants to get in touch with his neighbor from the other side of the fence. Did you know that dogs can fall asleep anywhere?

18. Rainbow Dog

This is what happens when you fall asleep wherever you want! This dog looks like just got home from a wild parade or something. Let’s hope he loves baths because he really needs one. The next dog sure doesn’t like getting wet!

17. Bath Time!

You know what this hilarious picture reminds me of? That nerve-racking scene from “Mission Impossible” where Tom Cruise has to slide over some alarm sensors. Nonetheless, I don’t think this dog was able to avoid taking a bath because there’s nowhere else for him to go.

16. Winter Fun

Who doesn’t love a little bit of fun during winter? Well, this dog doesn’t! You can clearly see the regret in his eyes after he starts picking up speed. Although, this dog’s mistake pales in comparison with what’s coming next.

15. Nap Time

Poor doggy, he just wanted to take a relaxing nap in the hammock and he ended up stuck in one place. That’s no way to relax during a hot summer’s day. Let’s hope he got out fast.

14. Not So Athletic

This doggo probably forgot that his jumping skills are not that good. On the bright side of things, at least he gets some shade from that small tree. I need to warn you that the following picture is downright hilarious!

13. I Am Stuck!!

Does this dog have superpowers like Spiderman? No, he just got stuck behind a fence! I wonder how did he get stuck there because climbing that fence is no easy task for a small doggo like this. Scroll down to see another cute doggy that got stuck in a hilarious position.

12. Shiba Inu

Good thing this cute Shiba Inu got stuck and didn’t go through the bushes because that would have been quite a fall.

11. Regrets

This is the exact moment when this doggo realized that she doesn’t like water slides, at all! The upcoming dog also hates being on slides and his scared face is hilarious.

10. Sliding Down

From the looks of it, this doggo didn’t have a good landing. Hey, at least he had some fun while sliding down but I am pretty sure he is not getting on the slide ever again. However, this is not the only dog who tried park slides…

9. Down the Slide

Even though most dogs love going on adventures, we can’t say the same about this pug. The terrified look on his face tells us that he is never going to trust his owner again.

8. Regrets

While this dog’s climbing skills might be impressive, we can see the regret all over his face. The dog only wanted to climb the cage and forgot that he needs to also find a way to get down.

7. Couch Diving

This is a great example of why you should make sure to never drop food on your couch! I find it hilarious how this dog got stuck in there, it looks like he was searching for some money.

6. Toilet Time

While this picture might be hilarious, it also shows dog owners why they need to train their pups to go outside whenever they have needs. You can see how much this cute pug regrets his decision, good thing he is too big to fall down completely.

5. Fashion Model

This pup had no idea that he will start a new fashion trend after his head got stuck in a box while searching for some extra crumbs.

4. Climbing Skills

This is what happens when little pups hang around cats all day long. They start thinking that they also have climbing skills but end up regretting their decisions. This pup surely learned that climbing trees is not his favorite activity.

3. Angry Dog

The funniest thing about this picture is how angry the dog looks. You can see it in his face that he isn’t in the mood for his owner and for taking pictures.

2. Long Dog

This is what happens when dogs want to find out what’s the deal with sweaters. Getting stuck in a sleeve is not such a bad thing, it’s comfortable and warm! But this dog doesn’t seem to be happy with his decision to get in the sweater.

1. Sitting Down

It’s good to take the weight of your legs from time to time, but someone needs to teach this dog how to sit on a chair.