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If you didn’t catch Hillary’s big announcement in New York last weekend….well you must hate women.

“You brought our country back, now it’s time, your time, to secure the gains, and move ahead” she said, in a slow scripted cadence tone as if she were talking to a dog or a two year old.


To perfectly summarize the whole speech in four words:


But many of her backdrop supporters didn’t catch that, because they were too busy taking in the fact that an important person was telling them they are important.

To show you just how fake she is, here we’ve compiled SOME of the various dialects Hillary has adopted over the years.

Caution: This may be cringe-worthy.

Hillary in Arkansas September 6th, 1983

Hillary in Selma, AL 2007

Hillary in Columbia, South Carolina May 27, 2015

Hillary in New York June 14th, 2015

Despite 12 Republican candidates having thrown their hat into the ring, the Presidential front runners are still looking a whole lot like this:


But with over a year of campaigning to go, anything is possible.


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