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The always frantic politically correct left has gone overboard.

This time, they’ve taken their new weapon, “cultural appropriation”, to forcibly cancel a free weekly yoga class taught at the University of Ottawa’s Center for Students with Disabilities over “cultural issues of implication involved in the practice”.

The left truly never fails at finding new ways to be offended.

Since the yoga teacher, Jennifer Scharf, appeared to have nicely backed down without putting up a fight, here is what she should have done to stick it to the overly sensitive Student Federation who canceled her class, which since 2008, has helped students.

The cultural appropriation argument always goes like this: Dominant groups (the white population) can’t borrow from marginalized groups (minority populations) who face oppression or have been stigmatized for their cultural practices throughout history. They claim that the originators rarely get credit, but always deal with the consequences. They will use examples such as people being fired or suspended from schools for their cornrows, sombreros, bindis, henna, and tribal tattoos to make their point.

What you need to acknowledge is, those on the left who use cultural appropriation as a way to shame and infringe upon others are indirectly telling you, “we don’t want you to look like us”. Tell them that this is exclusionary, deeply rooted in a separatist, segregationist mindset, very arrogant, and does not advance society in any way shape or form.

Point out that none of this is inherently American. Add that if you really want to constantly yearn for a “melting pot” in America, then you are going to have to accept a “melting pot” of cultures.

Chances are, if you’re even having a debate over cultural appropriation, you’re dealing with a diluted millennial who has never once taken up a worthwhile history class, but is rather using inadequate knowledge from a Salon or MTV article. The argument is prone to turn into an emotional mess, and stray far from facts and reality of the situation. This is how debating leftist minded millennials typically goes… so expect it to continue like this:

“You just don’t have a genuine love, respect, or understanding for a culture that is not your own!”

Again, reiterate that society is not a monolith. There will be people who love aspects of your culture, and those who do not. No, dominant groups are not adopting minority cultural styles with malicious intent to make a mockery, they are simply showing a sincere admiration, which in any “melting pot” should be praised, shouldn’t it?

Ask where the outrage is over black hip-hop artists wearing excessive amounts of gold in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Don’t these artists know that it was the early Egyptians in 2500 BCE who traditionally wore gold as a symbol of power, wealth, success, and to ward off evil? Gold wasn’t introduced into the hip-hop culture until the early 1980’s by Kurtis Blow and iconic group RUN DMC to symbolize the same. Why isn’t this talked about by the cultural appropriation warriors? Is it only worth pointing out when a white person “appropriates”? Seems so.

“Appropriation is wrong! You’re attempting to exclude and diminish their contributions and the historical context of them!”

Do not let the left use “historical context” where it deems fit to their advantage.

Bring up how recently, university student peers across the nation have been in an uproar defiling and demanding the removal of historical presidents of the United States such as Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Jefferson from their campuses. Mention how rather than learning from and honoring their historical legacy in the context to their time, these leftist students chose to compare their historical doings in today’s context by painting them as “racists”, “rapists”, and “pedophiles”. Hit them with even more facts. Mention how it’s because of Jefferson that they even have the freedom to post such messages on his statue and express their opinions. (You might have to remind them that Jefferson wrote our Declaration of Independence which allowed for the creation of the Constitution).

See, deep down those on the left believe and love to preach how conservatives are innately disinclined from assimilation and inclusion. Cultural appropriation is just one of many topics where you can really stick it to them.