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David Ragland is a “Peace & Conflict Studies” professor at Juniata College.

His online profiles point out that other than being well-traveled, Professor Ragland identifies as an “Activist & Advocate” who frequently sympathizes with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, as well as with the Baltimore and Ferguson protestors.

Upon further research into Professor Ragland, it is apparent that he, by no stretch of the definition, is a bully. Time and time again, Ragland hides behind his keyboard to offend prominent members of society, individuals of his own race, and aggressively intimidates those whose beliefs and values differ from his own skewed outlook.

Here is Professor Ragland calling presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson a “handkerchief head”, an extremely derogatory term used to describe a black or African American person who does not identify with fellow black or African American people, but rather with white people for personal gain.

Even more recently, Professor Ragland lashed out at former Secretary of State and four-star U.S. Army general, Colin Powell, with more derogatory terms. This time, Ragland found issue with Powell saying that he doesn’t mind the Black Lives Matter movement, but that black on black violence is the bigger issue.

Mr. Powell is not wrong. In fact, he is right by moving the discussion in the direction it needs to go – addressing black on black crime and violence.

A recent DOJ study on Race and Violent Crime showed that during 2012-2013, blacks were the aggressors in 84.9% of violent crimes involving both blacks and whites. This number is consistent with a 2008 study from the DOJ that found blacks were also then the aggressors in 83% of violent crimes committed. Keep in mind, that as of 2013, only 13.2% of the U.S. population solely identified as African American.

But facts don’t matter to individuals like Professor Ragland, only bullying does. Which is why he continues his Twitter ranting with an infamous liberal tactic – attacking ones physical appearance:

Fantastic job scooping this guy up from Bucknell University, Juniata College! Maybe his “title” should read: “Oppressive & Conflict Starting” professor rather than”Peace and Conflict Studies” professor. It fits much better.