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In case you were too busy melting your brain away watching ‘The Walking Dead’ last week, the Keystone XL Pipeline bill failed in the Senate by a single vote.

What is the Keystone XL Pipeline?

A 2,151 mile long funnel that would pump oil all the way from the Canadian tar sands to the U.S Gulf Coast.

As Senator John Hoeven (R-ND), who co-sponsored the bill puts it, the construction of the pipeline is about future energy security, jobs, and economic growth in America. It is backed by former President Clinton, and has been statistically proven that transportation of oil via pipeline is more safe and environmentally friendly than road and railroads. 

So… why was it voted down? 

Because of social and environmental activists whining over everything from rising carbon emissions to a ‘dangerous toxic chemical’ known as oil running through America’s farmlands. And apparently, The Natural Resources Defense Council finds preserving the vast array of migrating birds, diverse wildlife, and forests (which one would think, a single pipeline wouldn’t harm too much) to be of more of a concern than jobs which would help get struggling Americans back on their feet. 

Democratic strategists, like CNN’s Van Jones, have also done their fair share of making statements across the mainstream media concerning the permanent and temporary job creation numbers that keystone will create.

NEWSFLASH TO VAN JONES: As was said in the video linked above, construction jobs by definition are temporary jobs. When you finish constructing a building, you have to move onto the next project. So why do all you left wingers constantly call for putting our construction workers back to work with massive infrastructure spending? By creating the pipeline, we will be putting more oil in the world energy market and getting lower prices long term by increasing supply. The Keystone pipeline will lead to more growth and more prosperity for the US and the world. It also makes us less dependent on Mid-East oil.

What’s the alternative ?

It could possibly mean a continuation of more environmentally destructive oil transportation. Roads and railroads.

This decision is yet more evidence that creating jobs is not a priority for Democrats. Emotions and environmentalism is. 

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