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Tired of your usual breezy Mexican resorts and cabanas for this year’s summer trip? This guided night hike called La Caminata Nocturna or “The Night Hike” lets tourists pretend they’re illegal border-crossing Mexicans in search for a new life in the Estados Unidos.

Follow Poncho, a fake immigrant smuggler, through the dry river beds and desert hills of the Parque EcoAlberto, 800 kilometers away from the real U.S. border. Together with a dozen “coyotes”—Mexican actors dressed up as fellow immigrants—you’ll trek through 7 ½ miles of dry wasteland with extreme caution, dodging fake border patrol cars and officers who could shoot blanks at you if you get caught.

Since 2004, when the tour first started, thousands of tourists have come for a taste of this border-crossing experience. And at $18 a pop, it’s definitely worth the cultural experience.