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Cycling is fun but it could be a bit of a challenge when you do it at night in not-so well-lit places. You’ll have those handlebar-mounted lights but it just lights up a certain spot and it won’t make you visible enough on the road. Brighten up those blind spots with the Revolight.

Revolights are made up of four narrow rings of LEDs – two white and two red – which you attach directly in your bicycle’s front and rear wheels. You just snap the clips onto the spokes and screw in the spacers, install the batteries, align the magnets and you’re good to go. These are powered by lightweight lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable via USB and could last up to 4 hours.

What the Revolights do is give you a 360-degree visibility while cycling. It has an integrated accelerometer which sends speed and orientation data to the rings. This creates the single beam when you spin the wheels fast enough.

Your safety is truly a priority. These don’t only make you visible on the road but also are water-resistant and theft-resistant.

Revolights have a 2nd version which fits 700c/622/vintage 27″ bikes, and City Wheels which have the Revolights already installed.

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Source: Revolights , Fast Company

Featured Image: UC Davis