Helping stray dogs can be tricky sometimes because it takes some time for them to realize that you are only trying to help and that you don’t pose a threat. Therefore, frightened dogs are impossible to predict and rescuers are always cautions not to get their hands bitten.

Things get even more dangerous when you are dealing with a pit bull mom that recently had puppies. This is exactly what the folks from New Orlean’s Villalobos Rescue Center had to deal with. Fortunately, the pit bull mom had a surprise for them.

20. Stray Pit Bull


Our story starts when the New Orleans dog rescuers received a call about a stray pit bull that was wondering the streets. The call came from a security guard who said that the pit bull was not looking good and that she was roaming the parking lot for days.

19. Fearless

Even though most people would get scared only by the thought of having to deal with a stray pit bull, this wasn’t the case for the rescuers. They didn’t waste any time after receiving the call and hopped in their car. Check out what lead rescuer had to say about this.

18. Hungry and Desperate

The lead rescuer realized that the mamma pit bull must be terribly hungry and desperate since she was roaming the streets of New Orleans for quite a while. This is when she decided to send her two best men to take care of this issue, Country Mat and Sugar.

17. Country Matt and Sugar

The two rescuers knew that they didn’t have any time to lose after seeing how the mamma pit bull looked and they went straight to her. As Sugar was getting out of the car he saw something!

16. Frightened Dog

Sugar spotted the mamma pit bull right from the moment he got out of the car. This is when he noticed that she was scared and that her condition was way worse than expected. He realized that putting a leash on her is not going to be easy. You won’t believe what happened when Sugar started calling for her.

15. Getting Closer

To Sugar’s surprise, the mamma pit bull instantly started running towards him as he called her. This was a heartwarming moment because the pit bull realized that the rescuers were there to help. But wait, the pup had another surpse and you will love it.

14. Needing Help

The pit bull was in need of help and this is why she rushed towards Sugar. Even though it was still uncertain how she would react to Sugar, the rescuers noticed a sign which made them sure that things are going to be okay. What was it?

13. Wagging Tail

Even though the mamma pit bull was still scared, her tail was wagging. This meant only one thing, she was happy to hear someone call for her. Although, things got a bit tense when the dog got close to Sugar because no one knew how she was going to react. Will she bite him?

12. Tense Moment

Sugar admitted that he was a bit scared as the pit bull was getting closer, but he was willing to take a risk. Luckily, this incredible thing happened next!

11. Feeling Safe

Instead of biting, the pit bull started licking Sugar’s hand. This was an amazing moment and the rescuers were happy to make the dog feel loved. Nonetheless, Sugar still needed to put a leash on her and this might prove to be difficult.

10. Putting the Leash

When it came to putting on the leash, the mamma pit bull couldn’t be more compliant. This was great to see, especially since the rescuers were expecting her to fight back. Now, there was one last thing to do before they could go to the shelter.

9. Where are the Puppies?

With the leash strapped on, the mamma pit bull started pulling the two rescuers towards a house. What could this mean? Was this where her puppies were?

8. Strange House

The dog lead the two rescuers to a strange house. Even though they were taking a huge risk, the rescuers decided to knock on the door and see if that’s where the owner lives and if the puppies are with him.

7. The Owner

The rescuers knocked on the door and to their surprise, that was the place where the puppies were. The man who answered said that he wasn’t the owner and that the mamma pit bull is owned by his roommate. However, his roommate wasn’t around. You won’t believe where he is!

6. The Owner is in Jail

Without any hesitation, the man who answered the door told the rescuers that the owner is in jail. Things got even worse than this because the man then told the rescuers to leave because they are bothering him. And so they left, but the puppies were still there and something had to be done.

5. To The Shelter

The mamma pit bull was sad to leave the house without her pups, but the rescuers would not give up so easily. They didn’t have the authority to go inside the man’s house, but they knew someone who would!

4. Calling for Help

As they were putting the mamma pit bull inside the car, the rescuers called an attorney for help. This attorney wanted to reunite the mother with her puppies and started looking for authorization from a judge.

3. Getting the Puppies

The attorney went to the house herself and grabbed the first two puppies. They were looking well but sadly, we can’t say the same about the second pair of puppies she pulled out.

2. Second Pair of Puppies

The second pair of puppies didn’t look so well. They needed food from their mother, but at least they were finally in safe hands. Can you guess what they did next?

1. Family Reunion

The first thing that the rescuers did after getting their puppies was to rush them to their mamma. Seeing the family reunited was an amazing feeling and we can be sure that the rescuers felt accomplished.