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 The Unfinished Obelisk of Aswan, Egypt


Just when you think you have read up everything about Egyptian history, something totally new is discovered. There are several obelisks in Egypt but the one located in the ancient quarries of Aswan is particularly mysterious. This huge monolithic stone block was intended to be a 120ft / 36m tall obelisk but it was left unfinished. The estimates say that a block of granite this size would easily weigh more than 1000 tons but some geologists have suggested a figure in the region of 1100 tons – 1150 tons. Queen Hatshepsut of the 18th dynasty is believed to have ordered the obelisk’s construction in 1508 B.C. If finished, it would have been the largest erected obelisk at the time.. But how did the Egyptians transport the rocks and materials needed to make such a huge structure? Even modern-day cranes couldn’t.

In ancient times, people’s bodies were put for preservation even before they died. Find out how…

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