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  The Kabayan Mummy Caves, Philippines


Before we share about this mystery, consider a typical belief associated with mummies. Admit it, you are one of those people who think mummies are found only in Egypt. So this mystery comes as a shock to many like you. Behold the Kabayan Mummy Caves located in the Philippines. Now, these are man-made caves and are filled with hundreds of perfectly preserved mummies. Creepy enough? Wait, they have two more peculiar qualities. One, the drying up process of these mummies began even while the person was alive. The person would be administered with saltwater when death was near to begin dehydration. Two, people used a lengthy process of ‘smoking’ and dehydration in order to preserve them. These date back to 2000 BC and no one knows exactly why they were preserved like this?

It’s rather heartbreaking when old towns are discovered in the depths of the ocean. Just like this…..

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