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Today’s Sunday New York Times featured an image of the recent Selma march on its front cover. The image was a bit incomplete though, as it appeared to intentionally exclude George and Laura Bush, who were both present at the largely covered event.

George & Laura Bush can clearly be seen in this version, during the Selma March, Sunday March 8th, 2015

Many different websites picked up on the snub, such as Truth Revolt. What makes this particularly ridiculous is that it was done to a Bush.

Many people are unaware of the Bush family’s history, but racial equality is a strong part of it. Obadiah Bush, George’s great-great-great grandfather and the founder of the Bush political family, was a very strong abolitionist, supporter of the Underground Railroad, and vice President of the American Anti-Slavery Society. I encourage everyone to examine their family legacy more closely.

— Brent Bozell (@BrentBozell) March 8, 2015