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The future of camping is here.

BioLite CampStove is a low-emission, thermoelectric camping stove which uses any kind of biomass as fuel source. Simply speaking, this kick-ass camping stove produces no smoke while you’re cooking, can charge your USB-powered gadgets, and feeds on leaves, wood, pine cones, or even worms (if you’re crazy) to keep the fire going.

It’s eco-friendly and revolutionary. Imagine: you can produce your own electricity anywhere in the world, even off the grid.

The BioLite CampStove is a mean cooker too. It can boil one liter of water in just 4.5 minutes, just as fast as a jet boil or a reactor flame. A in-built fan pushes oxygen into the combustion chamber, and this added oxygen reduces wood consumption by half, eliminates 95% of smoke emissions, and produces absolutely no black carbon for a friendlier ecofootprint. The whole thing is roughly the size of a water bottle when packed up, weighing only 1 lb 10 oz. Manufacturers claim it could last 20 years with proper handling.

You can order your own BioLite Campstove for only $129.95.

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