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You can’t really trust those TSA guys to be “objective” as they examine your exposed body through their x-ray scanners. Save your last shred of dignity by wearing Privates, a scanner-proof underwear that fuzzes out your bare assets while you pass through these digital strip searches.

“The effect is much like wearing a loose sheer piece of clothing,” says Stephen Russell, the mind behind Privates.  Russell is a security and surveillance expert and the founder of 3VR Security surveillance search engine and facial recognition company. In 2010, he devised a product that would help travelers keep their last shred of dignity as they pass through airport x-ray scanners. Privates uses new technology to blur out the parts concealed by the garment. Essential for anxious travelers who aren’t comfortable at the idea of strangers gawking at their junk.

Privates is currently in a beta stage, with a team of 50 volunteers traveling around to test pilot the prototypes. If all goes well, travelers would have the upper hand against the peeping TSA.